Department of Athletics receives generous donations, implements updates

Scott Goldstein, Staff Writer

This past year, the University’s Department of Athletics obtained the necessary funding to make several updates to Sojka Pavilion and University transportation for athletic events, including new spirit buses and a digital display.

Coming this fall, varsity athletes will be able to enjoy riding to away games in their brand new Bison Spirit Buses. Thanks to the generous donations from the family of a varsity athlete, the University is now partnered with Susquehanna Trailways. Teams will be arriving at rival campuses in two 55-passenger buses covered in orange and blue, donning the mighty Bison.

Bison teams ranging from football to water polo will have the pleasure of riding in these buses and are extremely excited. Jordan White ’18, a member of the men’s water polo team, believes that the spirit buses will have a positive impact on team morality, in addition to the possible effects the newest addition may have in competitions.

“Now when we travel to road games everyone that sees our bus will know that the Bison are here. I think it will intimidate other teams and give us a competitive edge,” White said.

While all traveling varsity teams will have access to the buses, the teams that compete in Sojka Pavilion will be able to enjoy a brand new enhanced digital display. The University has partnered with ANC Sports to install a 12 foot-high and 20 feet wide high-definition scoreboard, another gift from a generous donor. Fans will be able to enjoy replays, statistics, and live plays in a way they never have before. Fans are not the only ones excited for the newest addition to Sojka Pavilion, so are the athletes and coaches competing.

Women’s basketball head coach Aaron Roussell looks forward to the current and future benefits. “We are really excited about the new video board and feel it will greatly enhance the fan experience in Sojka. We are humbled by the generosity of our donors that will allow us to take advantage of new technology and add to the game atmosphere. We have seen a dramatic increase to our spirited fan base over the last few years and this will do wonders to improve their experience,” Roussell said.

The scoreboard will be available for use for the men’s basketball team’s first home game on Nov. 11 against Manhattan University.

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