Beyond the Bison: The 15th ever sports equinox

Becky Chambers, Staff Writer

The four major American sports aligned for one evening for the Sports Equinox. This is only the 16th in the history of the major leagues, the first occurring in 1971 and the last occurring in 2015.

Eleven NFL games, eight NHL games, seven NBA games, and MLB’s Game Five of the World Series were all in session on Oct. 30. Having all four sports playing at the same time is unusual. Therefore, it was a busy day for sports fans. Unfortunately, no single city hosted all four sports. The last time that happened was in 2001 in Phoenix when the Cardinals, Suns, Coyotes, and Diamondbacks all played at home.

Hockey is in the beginning of its season with the Stanley Cup champions. The Pittsburgh Penguins, looking to defend their title; however, the Montreal Canadiens are having the best start to their season with an undefeated 8-0 record.

Football entered week eight of their season, the official midpoint, and real front-runners are starting to appear. The 2015 Super Bowl champions, the New England Patriots, are back with a 7-1 record, only challenged by the Dallas Cowboys’ 6-1 record. One of the big questions in the league is whether we will be able to see a match-up between heavyweights Ben Roethlisberger of the Steelers and Tom Brady of the Patriots.

Basketball has started up and the Cleveland Cavaliers raised their championship banner on Oct. 25, the same day the Cleveland Indians were playing Game One of the World Series right across the street. The events brought new meaning to the nickname for Cleveland: Believeland.

Believeland continued with baseball, which is in the tail end of its season with the World Series match-up against the “lovable losers,” the Chicago Cubs. Game Five occurred during the Sports Equinox, Game Six on Nov. 1, and Game Seven on Nov. 2.

The Sports Equinox does not happen every year, and the largest gap between equinoxes has been the 16 years spanning 1985-2001. It may be a while before we can again watch our favorite teams from each league play at the same time.

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