Athlete of the Week: Cora Climo

Lauren Whelan, Sports Co-Editor

The clock was ticking during the Bison women soccer team’s match against Boston University, but captain Cora Climo ’17 knew exactly where she needed to be. The game was in golden goal status as Climo raced to the far post, meeting the cross from Jackie Ham ’18 just in time to get a head on the ball. Climo successfully directed it to the back of the net, securing the victory for the Orange and Blue while also securing their berth in the NCAA tournament.

“Sunday was definitely the best day of my life. All of our hard work and sacrifice paid off. There’s no other group of girls or coaches that I would have wanted to accomplish this with. Words really can’t do this feeling justice,” Climo said.

In her fourth season for the Bison, Climo’s role as team captain reaffirmed her leadership role for the team both on and off the field. Her winning goal is simply evidence of her contributions for the Orange and Blue, and she described the feeling as she watched it all unfold.

“It was a pretty cool feeling to see the ball go in the back of the net and my entire team running towards me to celebrate. We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this game and I’m just really happy I was able to help us accomplish this feat,” Climo said.

While Climo noted that her career with the Bison has most certainly been highlighted by their successful run this season, she commented on the team dynamic that enriched her experience on the team.

“Getting to know a truly amazing group of girls throughout my time here is what has made the journey worth it and has supplied me with memories that will last a lifetime,” Climo said.

Achieving such success in her senior season campaign is especially impressive for Climo, as her first season for the Orange and Blue was cut short by a season-ending injury.

“I struggled through a season ending injury my freshman year and that was really difficult for me. I had never really been hurt before, so spending the season on the sideline was tough,” Climo said.

Aside from this challenge, Climo also discussed a challenge for the team, as they underwent a change in coaching staff during her sophomore year.

“We really had to stick together and stay focused on our goals as a program while managing without a coaching staff. Although extremely tough at the time, both of these experiences really shaped me into the player and person I am today,” Climo said.

As the team continues to chase more victories on the field in the NCAA tournament, Climo is looking forward to simply taking in her last few games wearing orange and blue.

“As a senior, I’m really just soaking in these last few weeks of playing soccer in a bison uniform. My time here as a student athlete has been incredible and I’m just trying to enjoy every step we have on this journey. I’m doing my best to make some more memorable moments with my favorite people on campus!” Climo said.

Climo and her teammates will be back in action when they face defending national champions Penn State on Nov. 11 in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

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