Shuttle up and drive

Natalie Spears, Features Editor

While the University’s campus is relatively small compared to many other colleges, the walk from downhill to uphill can be a daunting one, especially at late hours of the night. As the University continues to broaden its acreage and build more on-campus housing uphill, the walks get longer and potentially more dangerous. The mile-long trek from Market Street to the South Campus Apartments is not only inconvenient, but also poses safety issues for students who may have been drinking. Fortunately, the University recently implemented a late-night shuttle to transport students around campus during later hours of the night.


The University introduced the late-night shuttle primarily because students and parents asked for it. According to Associate Dean of Students Dan Remley students and Bucknell Student Government members had continuously expressed frustration in not having a campus shuttle for the nighttime.

The University began running the late-night shuttle in the fall of 2015 with two goals in mind. The shuttle is included in the National College Health Improvement Program (NCHIP) initiative and aims to transport students to University-sponsored services and span the perimeter of the campus to reach all students.

Remley explained that the University believes that having a shuttle to transport students to University events and services at Uptown or KLARC will keep them away from drinking-centered activities. They also believe that this shuttle will keep students safe in the event that they are drinking. The shuttle will prevent students from drinking and driving or wandering downtown at late hours of the night.


The late-night shuttle stops at all major venues on campus. Sunday through Thursday, the shuttle runs from 9 to 11:55 p.m., and on Friday and Saturday nights the shuttle continues to run until 1:55 a.m. It starts at Bucknell West and runs through its scheduled stops once an hour. Remley describes that the stops are strategic—each stop is at a University service area that also corresponds with housing facilities. The stops include Hufnagle Park, KLARC, 6th and St. George Streets, Tustin Theatre, Academic West, and Market Street.


The late-night shuttle has been very successful so far. In the 2015-2016 academic year, 6,813 students rode the late night shuttle, according to Remley. Students all around campus utilize the new transportation feature to travel to and from their housing facilities, academic buildings, downtown houses, bars, and shops. The shuttle was introduced at the same time as the South Campus Apartments, so students living there find it crucial for getting around.

Leah Jennings ’17 lives in the apartments and uses the shuttle “All of the time.”

“The walk downtown is so far and the shuttle is really convenient, especially as it gets colder,” she explained.

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