Active Minds promotes mental health education

Maddie Liotta, Staff Writer

On Nov. 9, the student-run organization Active Minds teamed up with counselors from the Counseling and Student Development Center (CSDC) to help answer questions about mental health. Active Minds is dedicated to, in their words, “promoting mental health education and advocacy.”

The members of the Active Minds executive board opened the discussion in the Terrace Room of the Elaine Langone Center (ELC) by stating the mission statement of the organization, explaining that it is a non-profit organization committed to starting or continuing dialogues about mental health on college campuses. Counselors from the CSDC, including director Kelly Kettlewell, served as references for more complex questions regarding mental health on campus and on other campuses nationwide.

The meeting allowed time for discussion, during which the students in attendance were divided into smaller groups. Each subsection of the participants had one member of the executive board and a counselor from the CSDC to help answer questions.

Active Minds Vice President Ali Malone ’19 was enthusiastic about how the event unfolded.

“Lots of people got to learn about Active Minds and what we do on campus, while also talking about stigmas both here and outside of campus,” Malone said.

Other students described how the event was informative, especially regarding resources available in the CSDC.

“It definitely taught me a lot about the stigmas on campus and people’s awareness of them,” Jenna Longo ’19 said.

The executive board was generally pleased with the results of the event, especially considering the lack, at times, of understanding pertaining to mental health both at the University and across the country.

Malone focused on the importance of Active Minds on campus and how the organization has helped her as much as the rest of campus.

“Getting involved with this club has helped me realize that no one is alone, and there are always people that can help and understand,” Malone said. 

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