By the people, for the people: A new BSGeneration


Madison Weaver, Staff Writer

The University’s student government announced the results of its 2017 executive election on Nov. 28: Amanda Battle ’18 was elected President, Bailey Harris ’18 was elected Vice President of Operations, and Maggie Geisler ’18 was elected Vice President of Administration.

Battle, who is currently studying abroad in Amsterdam, Netherlands, expressed her eagerness and readiness to take on the challenges of the Bucknell Student Government (BSG) presidency.

“My role is to ensure the welfare of Bucknell students, and provide a forum for students to express their concerns, interests, and opinions,” Battle said

As president, Battle’s main responsibilities will include presiding over both the student government’s executive board and congressional meetings, ensuring that the faculty and administration preserve student’s rights and interests, and creating open communication between BSG, students, administration, and the deans. Battle articulated her goals for her time in the new position, expressing her desire to “cultivate an environment on campus where students feel heard, advocated for, and understood by their student government.”

Battle has plenty of experience in BSG under her belt, having served on the Student Advocacy Committee since her first year at the University and as the committee chair for three semesters. She has also sat on the Dean of Student’s Committee on Campus and Student Life and served as student representative on the Committee on Admissions and Financial Aid for one semester. Outside of BSG, Battle is involved in Mock Trial and the women’s empowerment organization ATHENA.

Battle emphasized that her biggest goal as president of BSG is “to cultivate a positive and welcoming environment, where students are confident their voices are heard and their interests are represented within the University.” As she prepared for her newfound responsibilities, Battle reaffirmed her faith in the ability of the student body to make a difference: “I believe that when we come together as students, we can accomplish great things.”

Harris, the newly-elected Vice President of Operations, is responsible for overseeing future BSG elections and will act as a liaison to all clubs and organizations on campus, helping them procure advice and assistance when needed. Another seasoned BSG leader, Harris has been the Vice President of the Class of 2018, Chair of the Diversity Committee, and a member of the Academic Committee. Bailey expressed her excitement at her new job, saying, “This year I would like to take an active role in the student body through the clubs and organizations I help oversee.”

Harris hopes to use her position to create clearer streams of communication between BSG and student organizations, as well as help connect these two groups to the student body. Harris plans to work on BSG transparency this year, and “feel[s] as though the student body at large doesn’t have a clear idea of what BSG does and what it can offer. We do a great deal of programming that goes largely unnoticed.”

As for the newly-elected Vice President of Administration, Geisler is responsible for much of the communication between BSG and the student body. To accomplish this, Geisler will be responsible for compiling and publishing minutes, publicizing BSG activities to the campus community, and leading BSG’s media outlets.

Geisler is an experienced member of the student government, previously serving as the Class of 2018 Treasurer/Secretary and then as Class of 2018 Representative this semester. Geisler is a biology major with a minor in political science, a club field hockey team member, and a leader in her sorority. The new vice president is already thinking of ways to make her goals a reality, hoping to “improve the current BSG media tools and establish some new ones,” and concurs with Harris on the priority of improving the transparency of BSG.

The elected all-female administration is experienced and goal-oriented, and plans to enact positive change for University students.

“I know that the other women on the board that have been elected are dedicated and enthusiastic. I think we’ll make a really good, strong team,” Geisler said.

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