Announcing the Spring 2017 Editorial Board of The Bucknellian

The Bucknellian Editorial Board held elections for Spring 2017 positions on Nov. 12. Current Editor-in-Chief Morgan Gisholt Minard ’17 was re-elected for a second term. Joining the Executive Board with Gisholt Minard is current Sports Co-Editor Bethany Blass ’18 as Print Managing Editor and current News Layout Editor Lynn Korsun ’18 as Print Presentation Director. Patxi Elizalde ’17 will continue as Web Presentation Director and Madeleine Silva ’17 will remain as Web Managing Editor.

Other returning members of the Editorial Board include Opinions Co-Editors Julia Lasko ’17 and Ruby Gould ’19, Satire Co-Editors Madeline Diamond ’17 and Courtney Wren ’17, and Photography Editor Erin Ditmar ’18. New members on the Editorial Board include Satire Layout Editor Ella Ekstrom ’20, and Special Features Layout Editor Fallon Goldberg ’20. Current Assistant News Editor Charles Beers ’19 was elected News Editor, and welcomes current Staff Writer Madison Weaver ’19 as his Assistant News Editor.

Also joining the Editorial Board in the spring is Kathryn Nicolai ’20 as Investigative News Editor, Maddie Boone ’18 as Opinions Layout Editor, Julie Spierer ’19 as Special Features Editor, Jared Shapiro ’20 as Graphics Manager, Elise Covert ’19 as Sports Editor, and Caroline Sullivan ’19 as Assistant Photography Editor and Social Media Manager.

The current Editorial Board looks forward to transitioning newcomers into their elected roles, and to a successful spring semester.

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