Students reimbursed following Cafsgiving clerical error

Caroline Fassett, Investigative News Editor

Dining Services has refunded $1.55 to all University students who attended Cafsgiving in Bostwick Marketplace and paid for their meals with their University IDs on Nov. 10. This year, the annual Cafsgiving event served 2,124 students approximately 2,200 pounds of turkey breast, 400 pounds of ham, 650 pounds of mashed potatoes, and other traditional Thanksgiving cuisine.

Students who attended Cafsgiving were charged $14.75 for their meal, despite the event’s Facebook page advertising the cost as $13.20. General Manager of Resident Dining John Cummins explained that swipe access during dinnertime in Bostwick costs $13.20, yet Dining Services will typically charge individuals $14.75 for theme meals such as Cafsgiving. However, a staff member administering the Facebook page unintentionally publicized the event at the value of the dinnertime price per person rather than the theme meal cost of $14.75.

Once the error was presented to Cummins, he made the decision to reimburse all students who had paid with their University IDs.

“We made a human, clerical error. We apologize to anyone who was affected,” Cummins said. 

Regardless of the mistake, Cummins expressed his fondness of Cafsgiving  as a “positive, unifying, and nostalgic” event.

“It’s super organized insanity. In the 12 years that I’ve been here, this one event epitomizes what [the University] means to me,” Cummins said.

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