Editors You May Know Fall 2016

Editors You May Know Fall 2016

Executive Board


(Barbara Bell ’18, Morgan Gisholt Minard ’17, Ellen O’Donnell ’18).

Morgan Gisholt Minard, Editor-in-Chief

International Relations ’17, Duxbury, Mass.

Since joining The Bucknellian during her first semester at the University, Morgan has held several positions on staff, from writer, to layout editor, to print presentation director. Upon completing her first semester as editor-in-chief (EIC) this fall, Morgan decided she couldn’t possibly live without the time-consuming and all-important rigors of The Bucknellian and will be staying on as EIC for the spring of her senior year.

Her interests still include layout puns, politics, and the Oxford comma, and you can probably still catch her scheming to adopt any of the animals listed on the Message Center or soliciting her friends and peers to buy her underpriced chokers (@chokersbym0rg). Between pretending she is busier than she actually is with her one on-campus engagement and procrastinating any feasible post-grad search, Morgan will have her hands full this spring.

Barbara Bell, Print Managing Editor

Political Science and English ’18, Darien, Conn.

Barbara has been involved with The Bucknellian since her first semester at the University, working her way through the newsroom in all of its pizza/caf cookies glory. While she made a quick appearance as sports editor, the bulk of Barbara’s experience on staff lies in the News section. In her second term as managing editor, she loves overseeing the written content of all four sections and adding her two-cents to InDesign at inappropriate times.

Next semester, Barbara is studying abroad in Granada, Spain. While Barbara will certainly miss production nights, she’s excited to trade Lewisburg’s finest Flyson and Domino’s parm bites for Spain’s sangria and tapas. She’s eager to see where Morgan and the rest of the staff will take the paper next year.

Ellen O’Donnell, Print Presentation Director

Markets, Innovation & Design ’18, Morristown, N.J.

As a first-year struggling to get involved on campus, Ellen stumbled upon The Bucknellian while scrolling aimlessly through the Message Center one cold January morning. Since then, her love for all things Adobe has only grown as she has worked her way through various layout and design positions. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time as print presentation director; however, she will hand over her big dog collar next semester as she heads to Copenhagen.

Although Ellen is excited to further her obsession of both fonts and (hiking on) rocks abroad, she will certainly miss her second home in Stuck House. It was there she could be found complaining about having too many meetings, finding new use for her fun tack, DJing board edits and falling off (or getting run over by) rolly chairs.

Web/graphics team


(Jared Shapiro ’20, Madeleine Silva ’17, Patxi Elizalde ’17)

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Film/Media Studies and Economics ’17, Camp Hill, Pa.

Madeleine joined The Bucknellian her first year at the University and has been working on the web side of the paper ever since. Now entering her senior year at the University, Madeleine hopes that the paper has another successful year, in print and online.

Patxi Elizalde, Web Presentation Director

Markets, Innovation, & Design ’17, Makati City, Philippines

Patxi joined The Bucknellian at the beginning of his junior year after a recommendation from the one and only Avid Khorramian ’17 (former EIC). He has been a member of The Bucknellian ever since.

In the spring, Patxi will remain on The Bucknellian staff and will maintain his responsibilities as the web presentation director.

Jared Shapiro, Graphics Artist

Management—Undecided ’20, Bethesda, Md.

After walking right past The Bucknellian table at clubs night during first-year orientation, Jared still managed to hear about the newspaper from his roommate and decided to join. Looking to further develop the graphic design skills he acquired in high school, Jared began making graphics for the newspaper. Jared has so far enjoyed his time at The Bucknellian and is excited to do more next semester as graphics manager.



(Caroline Fassett ’18, Elizabeth Worthington ’18, Charles Beers ’19, Lynn Korsun ’18)

Caroline Fassett, Investigative News Editor

Literary Studies and Political Science ’18, Harding Twp., N.J.

Familiar with writing mediocre works of fiction, Caroline began writing for The Bucknellian in her first semester as a college student in an attempt to hone her skills as an objective writer. She’s been infatuated with the publication ever since, shoving her way into the staff of the publication as a sophomore. Although she played leading roles in the News section for a full year, evidently the staff resented the relative power that she exercised over a number of writers and thus designed for her a separate section for which she is the sole contributor.

In all seriousness, Caroline loves serving as the investigative news editor and will profoundly miss crafting her essay-length pieces while she’s abroad in Bath, England next semester. Though basically every other editor taunts her gullibleness and mispronunciation tendencies, she truly would not want to spend her Wednesday nights with anyone else (unless these other hypothetical people are a tad less verbally abusive … she’d be chill with that).

Elizabeth Worthington, News Editor

Psychology and English ’18, Lower Gwynedd, Pa.

Elizabeth did not join The Bucknellian until the fall of her sophomore year, as she was too busy doing absolutely nothing of value during her first year. Although she was a bit late to the game, Elizabeth managed to quickly maneuver her way onto the Editorial Board and has since basked in the glory of overseeing the News section and forcing her articles to the front page of the paper every week. Though Elizabeth admits she struggled to stay afloat amidst the madness of the election cycle, she is very pleased with the News section this semester and has high hopes for her assistant, Charles, to take over her position when she studies abroad.

Although she will miss gorging on free food every Wednesday evening, bossing around Charles and the rest of her staff, and attempting to keep up with every post-election protest, Elizabeth is excited to spend the spring semester studying in Rome, Italy.

Re: summer internship; don’t text it.

Charles Beers, Assistant News Editor

Computer Science and English ’19, Huntington, N.Y.

Eager to expand on the experience he gained as editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, Charles joined The Bucknellian news team as a first-year. Not only did he enjoy the challenge of a more rigorous publication schedule, he also appreciated getting to know the hard-working staff and their commitment to excellence.

After spending the fall semester learning about the position under Elizabeth’s guidance, Charles is taking over as the News Editor in the spring. He hopes that he can continue to learn and grow in his new role and will work hard to meet the expectations Elizabeth mastered in the fall. The power is already getting get to his head.

Lynn Korsun, News Layout Editor

Psychology and German ’18, New Canaan, Conn.

After being scolded for not being involved enough on campus by her father at the beginning of her sophomore year, Lynn decided it was high time to join The Bucknellian and showcase her layout skills. She began in the Opinions section but was quickly enthralled by the fast-paced nature of the News Section and never looked back.

Lynn looks forward to receiving the big dog collar from Ellen and living at Stuck House on Wednesdays and Thursdays as print presentation director for the spring semester. Outside of the newsroom, you can (still) find Lynn teaching German 101 and 102, conducting psychology research, forever looking for matching socks, or lying upside down on her couch watching Grey’s Anatomy.



(Courtney Wren ’17, Madeline Diamond ’17, Anonymous Satire Layout Editor ’20)

Courtney Wren, Satire Co-editor

Political Science & English ’17, Thornton, Pa.

One of Courtney’s three friends joined The Bucknellian during her first year, so she figured she might as well try it out too! She has loved it ever since and has no idea what she is going to do on Wednesday nights once she graduates. This semester, she was proud to be one of the co-editors of the satire section and is excited to continue her track of begging people to write for it. She’s bummed that many of her writers are going abroad and is actively looking for new ones! ([email protected])

In her free time (which is not as abundant as one might think) you can catch her watching one of John Mulaney’s two comedy specials on Netflix, acting ridiculous in the drive-thru line of the Lewisburg Wendy’s, or begging people to tell her that she’s funny. She also enjoys bugging the sh*t out of everyone she meets and is often referred to as a self-deprecating narcissist.

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

Creative Writing and History ’17, Dana Point, Calif./New Canaan, Conn.

Since joining The Bucknellian staff as a news writer during her first year at the University, Madeline has held several positions, including news editor and editor-in-chief during the spring 2016 semester. Madeline currently holds the positions of satire editor and senior editor. She is surprised yet glad that she has not yet been fired from managing the satire section with Courtney Wren.

When she’s not actively searching for more satire writers, Madeline can be found sending memes to her friends on Instagram, hosting Tuesday night trivia at Bull Run, and [insert cool, interesting third hobby here.

Anonymous, Satire Layout Editor

Management—Markets, Innovation & Design ’20, Barrington, Ill.

Anonymous Satire Layout Editor decided to venture into The Bucknellian’s welcoming embrace after learning of it from her OA during her formative first-year days of orientation week. Prior to The Bucknellian, Anonymous Satire Layout Editor was also a part of her high school’s newspaper staff. Anonymous Satire Layout Editor not only enjoys the creative aspect of layout, but also delights in reading the compelling satirical works that she lays out each week.



(Ruby Gould ’19, Julia Lasko ’17, Lindsay Erickson ’18)

Ruby Gould, Opinions Co-Editor

Philosophy and Spanish ’19, Harding, N.J.

After becoming frustrated with the lack of a willing assemblage onto which she might pour her political aggravation, Ruby decided to stop talking to her cat and write for the Opinions section of The Bucknellian during the spring semester of her first year at the University. She is now a co-editor for the Opinions section, despite her incessant habit of and strange predilection for run-on sentences.

When The Bucknellian is not consuming her life, she can be found trying to impede her mom’s unrelenting Facebook posts by avoiding family photos and making sarcastic commentary.

Julia Lasko, Opinions Co-Editor

Geography ’17, Chester, N.J.

Julia left behind her days of creating the highly acclaimed weekly events calendar and has since teamed up with the astute Ruby Gould as Opinions co-editor. She’s excited to stay on as Opinions co-editor for the spring of her senior year and continue coming up with headlines that don’t include a colon or a question mark.

Outside of the newsroom you can find Julia in a booth at the Commons Café, because that place is highly underrated and people-watching those in line for the chopped salad station is quality entertainment.

Lindsay Erickson, Opinions Layout Editor and Social Media Manager

Political Science ’18, Riverside, Conn.

Lindsay has been involved with The Bucknellian since following in Barbara Bell’s footsteps during the fall of her sophomore year. Although she walked into the Roberts basement with very little InDesign experience, Lindsay miraculously landed the job as the opinions layout editor. Since joining The Bucknellian last fall, Lindsay has continued with layout and joined the social media team (although she never had a staff photo to prove she held either position).

Next semester Lindsay will be “studying” abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark alongside Ellen O’Donnell. Though she’s excited to travel next semester, she will dearly miss all of the chaos that occurs at Stuck House every Wednesday night.



(Schuyler Platt ’18, Lauren Whelan ’18, Bethany Blass ’18)

Lauren Whelan, Sports Co-Editor

Markets, Innovation & Design ’18, Essex Fells, N.J.

A member of the paper since the fall of her first year, Lauren has spent the last few years as sports editor trying to preserve her high school athleticism while navigating the ever-elusive tiers of The Bucknellian staff. With the help of her incredible co-editor Bethany and Layout Editor Schuyler, Lauren has had an amazing experience with the paper and will miss it dearly when she travels abroad to Cork, Ireland next semester.

While she is sad to be leaving, she is excited to keep in touch and see what is to come as Bethany becomes a Big Dog and the paper adopts some new talent! The Wednesday night entertainment and caf cookies will most definitely be missed.

Bethany Blass, Sports Co-Editor

Neuroscience ’18, Mountain Top, Pa.

Looking for a way to stay relevant in the world of sports despite her obvious lack of athleticism, Bethany decided to take advantage of her interest in writing to land a spot on The Bucknellian’s sports team her first year. In her past two years with the paper, she’s stumbled upon the best creative collaboration The Bucknellian has ever seen with her co-editor Lauren. Next semester, though, that collaboration will come to a tragic end when Bethany returns to The Bucknellian as print managing editor in an attempt to fill the void of all the way-more-qualified staff members fleeing the country.

Bethany spends her time as a research assistant at Geisinger Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute, tutoring, and as a residential adviser. Despite her apparent shyness, she has the sarcasm and quick wit that just might be enough to eventually land her her dream job of being Jimmy Fallon.

Schuyler Platt, Sports Co-Editor

Economics ’18, Darien, Conn.

Schuyler joined The Bucknellian in the fall of her sophomore year. She bounced around from section to section until she found the perfect layout position in sports. Despite the fierce competition, she is officially the sports layout editor and loves working with Lauren and Bethany, the sports co-editors.

Schuyler will be spending her spring semester in Barcelona, Spain. Although she is looking forward to studying abroad, she will greatly miss the entertaining Wednesday nights in the newsroom, and of course the caf cookies.

Special Features


(Natalie Spears ’18, Julia Friedman ’17, Fallon Goldberg ’20)

Julia Friedman, Photography Co-Editor/Special Features Layout Editor

Environmental Studies and Political Science ’17, New York

Julia started working for The Bucknellian during the second semester of her sophomore year as a photographer and continued to weasel her way up the ranks as the semesters went on. This fall, she acted as both the photography co-editor as well as the special features layout editor.

Although she will not be a full-time staff member of the ’Nellian next semester, she will be with everyone in spirit (and maybe sometimes in person on Wednesday nights because she’ll have a lot of free time). She will now be pursuing bigger and better things … like trying to find employment (potentially bigger, but definitely not better).

Erin Ditmar, Photography Co-Editor

Chemical Engineering ’18, Manahawkin, N.J.

Erin was a photographer for both semesters during her first year at the University before taking on the role of photo editor for both semesters of her sophomore year. She enjoyed this semester working closely with her photography co-editor.

While wishing she was abroad, in the spring she will be once again be continuing as photography editor (surprise). She is looking forward to another semester in the newsroom, a Wednesday night excuse to leave Dana, and where there are usually leftover cookies.

Natalie Spears, Special Features Editor

Political Science ’18, Fairfield, Conn.

Natalie joined The Bucknellian’s staff second semester of her sophomore year when she heard of an available editing position for the special features section. Natalie has always taken an interest in journalism and saw this as a great opportunity to gain experience in editing and writing for a newspaper.

Natalie will be studying in Florence, Italy for her junior spring semester. She will miss spending her Wednesday nights in the newsroom, waiting anxiously for the caf food to come. Even though she will be halfway around the world, Natalie will make sure to keep up with The Bucknellian every week.

Fallon Goldberg, Special Features Layout Editor

Cell Biology/Chemistry ’20, Scotch Plains, N.J.

Fallon joined The Bucknellian her first semester at the University because she wanted a creative outlet to break up all of the math and science in her schedule. She has a great time doing layout and listening to the banter of the upperclassmen editors every week.

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