Bison Athlete of the Week: Nana Foulland ’18

Bri Pomonis, Sports Co-Editor

Looking at the career record of an athlete like basketball star Nana Foulland ’18, one would naturally assume the level of skill he has repeatedly exemplified took a lifetime to build. However, Foulland has accomplished what most can only dream of in a matter of years.

“I have been playing since sixth grade. At first I didn’t like basketball. But the better I got and the more I played, I started to really love it,” Foulland said.

His passion for the game has proven to be valuable for the teams lucky enough to have him on their roster. After being a starter for only two years in high school, Foulland quickly became a dominant presence in the Bison starting lineup. His first two seasons saw him starting at center for all but one game on Senior Day. His statistics are a testament to his time on the court being put to good use; he reigns as the program’s top rebounder and shot blocker for the past two seasons, as well as the runner-up for most points in both. Foulland has earned several titles and impressive feats along the way, including Patriot League All-Rookie Team (2014-2015), Second Team All-Patriot League (2015-2016), and became the first freshman to start on opening night since the 2009-10 season.

Foulland’s dynasty seems to have no end in sight based on the current season. With already having acquired two Patriot League Player of the Week honors, he became the 40th member of the program’s 1,000-point club against Loyola on Jan. 18. He also became one of only 21 athletes to accomplish this feat in a mere three varsity seasons.

“I knew I was near the mark, but I did not think it would have been that game. I am proud of myself because it is an achievement that demands a commitment over time,” Foulland said.

Hoping to continue the team’s hot streak, Foulland says his eyes are set on the team’s ultimate goal: making a statement performance in the NCAA tournament. He continues improving every day on the court and gym until March’s big tournament.

“I feel like my physical body has improved, as well as my skill on the basketball court. I truly feel like I have become a better player,” Foulland said.

Foulland looks to continue his work with the sport long after his college career has ended.

“I really hope basketball is in my life for as long as possible, whether that be playing, coaching, or whatever it may be,” Foulland said.

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