Getting with the times: NYT Readership Program returns to campus

Samantha Ruvolo, Contributing Writer

Beginning this semester, the University student government is granting all students access to The New York Times online, a program that was discontinued

Last semester, students voiced their dissatisfaction to Bucknell Student Government (BSG) about the lack of access to newspaper articles available through the University. Many classes require students to read online newspaper articles, prompting students to pay for their own subscriptions. Professors also brought up the issue of limited, immediate access to news sources, and how these online resources encourage their students to learn more about current events.

Students are, understandably, spending more time on the internet. Not only is technology used recreationally, but it is also used to study and complete homework. Students have become so accustomed to instantaneous access to information that it is frustrating when this information is not readily available.

The voices of the student body and faculty were heard. Using their BUID and password, students are able to gain access to full-length current articles and video clips. Mark Merino ’17, former president of Bucknell Student Government (BSG), expressed his excitement for this new addition to student life.

“Because of such a strong student and faculty response, something we really appreciated, BSG feels confident that these newspapers will satisfy the need we all have to break out of the Bucknell Bubble,” Merino said.

Access to The New York Times will give students more options to research for a wide array of classes as well as the opportunity to browse for personal interests and curiosity.

“Since I’m a management major, I like to read the business section in The New York Times, even though it’s not required for my classes, to stay on top of current discussions in the business world because they help me to understand topics in my class more easily,” Bryn Wolgemuth ’20 said.

BSG President Amanda Battle ’18 sent an email on Jan. 17 announcing that hard copies of the newspaper can be found in Taylor Hall, Academic West, Bertrand Library, and the ELC, in addition to the online subscription.

Members of BSG realize the importance of keeping up to date with current events, and values the student body’s eagerness to stay informed through reputable sources such as The New York Times.

“We hope by including the online access in addition to the print copies on campus, students will find it easier to access and interact with news in whichever platform they prefer,” Battle said.

She also explained that the student government will be tracking student usage of the readership to “understand how students use and interact with this program” to ensure the program is accomplishing the intended goals. Members of BSG will be in the ELC during the first week of February to promote and provide information about the new subscription service.

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