Lil Wayne to perform at spring concert


Megan Hays, Staff Writer

Concert Committee secures top voted artist as main performer

 The University’s Concert Committee is excited to announce that hip-hop artist Lil Wayne is the official performer for this year’s spring concert. The concert will be held in the Sojka Pavilion on April 8 at 7 p.m. Tickets go on sale for $30 for students beginning Feb. 3 and $40 for the general public beginning Feb. 8.

Associate Dean of Students Kari Conrad expressed her excitement for the upcoming event.

“It’s going to be a phenomenal show,” Conrad said. Lil Wayne made his decision to come to campus for his college tour, favoring the University over other schools.

“The Committee is super excited for Lil Wayne because we think it is going to be one of our biggest concerts ever,” Production Chair Marissa Hosker ’17 said. According to the survey that was distributed to students in the fall semester, Lil Wayne won by a landslide of votes, with DNCE as the runner up.

Concert Committee ran a promotion for free tickets in which students could fill out a bracket online to guess which act would be coming to the University. A winning bracket would have consisted of Alesso, DNCE, Lil Wayne, and Panic! At The Disco in Round One, DNCE and Lil Wayne in Round Two, and Lil Wayne as the ultimate winner.

Conrad noted that in previous years, the committee was unable to secure a deal with the artist with the most votes and instead hired performers with a similar style to the student body’s top choice. The committee is ecstatic at this year’s reversal of fortune.

A second performer will open for Lil Wayne, but the details are currently being finalized by the committee before any announcement is made. Hosker emphasized the need for a diverse concert.

“It is important to mix genres to appeal to a larger audience,” Hosker said.

Concert Committee Chair Elias Strizower ’17 was one of the main players in securing Lil Wayne for the spring concert. “Having won four Grammys and had multiple platinum selling records, it’s obvious that he’d be a great artist to come perform,” Strizower said.

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