Sexual assault case proves false, investigation ongoing

Charles Beers, News Editor

University students received an email from Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar on Feb. 1 regarding a press release from the Buffalo Valley Regional Police Department (BVRPD). The police force reported that they were “investigating an off-campus sexual assault of a minor (not a student at [the University]) that was reported on Sunday, Jan 29.”

According to the report, the individual in question was in the middle of a jog along Heatherbloom Road, which is approximately two miles from the University. The attacker was described as a “white male … in his mid-20’s and approximately six feet tall” who drove a red SUV. The email described how the attacker “got out of the SUV, forced the jogger into the backseat of the vehicle, and sexually assaulted the victim.”

However, the details of the report were disproved on Feb. 3, when Barilar sent out another email clarifying the situation. After further investigation, the BVRPD concluded that the victim’s story was fabricated, and the incident in question did not occur as reported in the original email.

“BVRPD wants to assure the community that there is no further need for concern regarding this incident,” Barilar said.

While the abduction story has been proven false, the investigation of the incident is still ongoing. However, both Public Safety and the BVRPD have assured University members that there is no need for concern regarding the incident.

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