I ❤ The Female Orgasm

Julianna Treene, Contributing Writer

From Feb. 13–17, Speak UP Bucknell held a series of events, lectures, and workshops surrounding sex positivity and sexuality as part of its inaugural Sex Week. The goal of Sex Week was to encourage educational conversations about the risks, benefits, and healthy habits pertaining to sex.

One of the main events of the week was “I Heart The Female Orgasm,” a humorous and informative program run by Marshall Miller and Rachel Dart on Feb. 17 about the sexuality and pleasure of women and female-identifying people. The event was intended to empower women and educate those of all genders and gender identities about the “big O” and how to achieve it, whether for themselves or for their partner. The topics covered ranged from having your first orgasm, helping your partner “get there,” and the importance of having open and honest conversations with your partner about your sexual preferences within the bedroom.

“It was nice to have the opportunity to attend an event that encouraged women to embrace our sexuality. Being assured that sex is a good thing and that all the apprehension that comes with it is normal was really reassuring for me,” Jackie Saint John ’18 said.

“I think the overall message of the event was that communication is key to figuring everything out,” Rachel Stewart, interpersonal violence prevention coordinator and organizer of Sex Week, said. “I really hope that last piece is what everyone took away—I think it’s so important that people feel comfortable communicating with their partners, asking for what they want, and being able to set boundaries, as well as knowing that all of that is healthy and normal.”

In 2016, Activities and Campus Events (ACE) and Speak UP Bucknell collaborated to bring Sex Signals to campus and were looking to hold a similar event this year that would be both entertaining and educational. The decision and process of bringing “I Heart The Female Orgasm” to the University was a collaborative discussion between representatives of ACE, Speak UP Bucknell, the CAP Center, Residential Education, and Fraternity and Sorority Affairs.

“I’d heard great things about this program, and after weighing a few different options, it came out on top as the one we were most interested in bringing to campus,” Stewart said.

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