College of Engineering holds annual week-long celebration

Megan Hays, Staff Writer

Engineers Week, a national event dedicated to recognizing the importance of engineers, was celebrated by students, faculty, and staff at the University from Feb. 19–25. The week consisted of a series of activities and gatherings that brought the College of Engineering together for a unified cause.

“It shows that Bucknell engineers are innovative, adaptive and most importantly, passionate,” Nikki Lazarus ’17 said.

Associate Dean of Engineering Karen Marosi, with help from her colleagues, has been coordinator of the week’s events for the past 16 years.

“At Bucknell in the College of Engineering we use National Engineers Week as a way to celebrate and recognize our shared profession and its contributions to society,” Marosi said.

The activities were inclusive to students of every engineering major in the College of Engineering. The sponsored events that took place were heavily based on creativity, such as making banners, videos, and the Design-O-Mania competition where students created rockers, penny boats, and human-powered cranes.

“It’s nice to be able to reflect on (and celebrate) engineering overall and apply our basic skills in creative and challenging ways,” Kellen Haile ’18, organizing committee member, said.

The week ended with a celebration dinner in Bostwick Marketplace, attended by more than 500 students, faculty, and members of the Bucknell Engineering Alumni Association (BEAA). Attendees watched a compilation video of the week’s highlights and University President John Bravman spoke at the dinner in light of the past accomplishments and future endeavors of the engineering profession.

“The goal is to raise awareness of what engineers do and to remind each other about the calling of the engineering profession—a calling that seeks to improve the human condition through problem solving and innovation,” Dean and Professor of Engineering Patrick Mather said.

The department of electrical and computer engineering was the ultimate winner of the week-long competition, coming in first place in both the banner, video, and rocket launch competitions. The department of computer science and engineering won the penny boat competition of the Design-O-Mania event, during which teams competed to create a boat that could hold the most weight in pennies before sinking. The department of chemical engineering won the human-powered crane competition.

“E-Week is great because you get to show some pride in your major. You get to know more people from your major that you otherwise wouldn’t have since it is required for multiple class years to work together. Great networking and fun,” Benjamin Matase ’18 said.

Students who participated in different events during the week enjoyed the opportunity to connect with peers and faculty through their similar interests.

“Engineering week is my favorite part of the spring semester, as it gives me an opportunity to connect with other students in my major that I don’t share classes with. I loved being part of the team that created and acted in the Computer Science Engineering’s video and encourage all other engineers to get involved next year!” Jason Corriveau ’18 said.

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