A spring break of service

Bucknell Brigade to Nicaragua

Where: Nueva Vida, Nicaragua

What: Starting in 1999, the University has been sponsoring a free health clinic in the town of Nueva Vida. Twice a year, University students will make the trip to participate in the unique experience of delivering medicine, offering translations, and providing physical labor for housing and development projects. To prepare for the trip, students participate in a series of sessions to learn about the program and the culture in Nueva Vida. Throughout the year, they collect monetary and medical donations for the medical center.

When: Jan.8–16 and March 11–19

Why: “It’s really great way to break out of the Bucknell bubble, meet people on campus that you never would before, and get to see/be a part of the tangible impact Bucknell has had on the Nueva Vida community after Hurricane Mitch destroyed the area. Really changes your perspective on what you should get out of the University, what is important, and how easy we have it here,” Avery Cox ’19 said.

Contact:  Office of Civic Engagement at 570-577-3973



Civil Rights Alternative Spring Break Trip: Destination Freedom

Where: Ellis Island, Stone Wall, Seneca Falls

What: The Civil Rights Alternative Spring Break Trip provides students with the unique opportunity to explore the historical and current impacts of the civil rights movement. This year’s trip will focus on the landmarks of New York and their impact on the civil rights movement. Sights include Ellis Island, Stone Wall, and Seneca Falls.

When: March 11–19

Why: The trip is a new “collaboration between all of the IEA offices and focuses specifically on intersectionality, [and] will be looking at the ways in which even in progressive movements voices are suppressed and marginalized in the retelling of history,”  organizer of the trip Rosalie Rodriguez said.

Contact: Office of Multicultural Student Services at 570-577-1095



Bucknell Advancing Communities: Educating and Serving (B.A.C.E.S)

Where: Dominican Republic

What: B.A.C.E.S is a student-led service group that in which volunteers travel to the Dominican Republic. While there, students will distribute food, set up medical centers, and educate people about health. Other activities include construction and maintenance projects. Students can even participate in certain medical procedures like teeth extractions.

When: March 12–18

Why: “When deciding what I wanted to do for spring break, I realized that I wanted to spend my time helping others in a community I could have a positive impact on. I liked the idea of joining a group of people that become a family after experiencing a different culture and country,” Nicole Fry ’18 said.

Contacts: Christina O’Shea ’17 at c[email protected] or Collin McArdle ’19 at [email protected]


Habitat for Humanity

Where: Rocky Mount, N.C.

What: Habitat for Humanity is an ongoing organization that usually hosts builds in nearby neighborhoods on Saturdays. They fundraise for these homes throughout the year in order to make them free of charge to the recipient. The spring break trip this year will be in Rocky Mount N.C.

When: March 12–18

Why: “The Habitat for Humanity spring break trip to North Carolina is a fun and rewarding opportunity to connect with a local town community and help build a house for the economically less fortunate,” Alex Markovitz ’19 said.

Contacts: Kyle Shtern ’19 at [email protected] or Markovitz at [email protected].

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