Tomi Lahren gets ‘The Blaze’ after abortion comments

Samantha Woolford, Staff Writer

Tomi Lahren is a young conservative woman who is constantly ridiculed for being honest. In today’s society, it is very hard to actually say what you believe without receiving backlash. Normally, Lahren experiences criticism from the left, but in a rare occurrence after her appearance on “The View,” Lahren received pushback from the right. Shortly thereafter, Lahren was fired from The Blaze.

During her interview on “The View,” Lahren was asked about her views on abortion. Unlike many conservatives, she is pro-choice. She is a proclaimed constitutional. She wants the government to stay out of her guns and out of her body too, claiming that this mindset prevents her from being a hypocrite.

Conservatives find fault with her stance because they deem abortion wrong. They believe a baby, rather than a clump of cells, is present at every stage of the pregnancy. If it is considered a life, then it is safe to presume that it has the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Getting an abortion takes away that right from the baby, and therefore is seen as unconstitutional in conservative circles.

I understand the left’s arguments for abortion and Lahren’s logic, but I think it goes further than that. If the government is supposed to stay out of women’s bodies, then the government and taxpayers should not have to fund their abortions.

My main concern is not with the legality of abortion. It stems from the fact that the far-right conservatives who are attacking Lahren are limiting her freedom of speech. This is very similar to those on the far left. To say that conservatives support free speech is something that I am very proud of. It is not easy to say what you find to be true, especially when you have people calling you racist, fascist, sexist, and so on. You can criticize Lahren’s comments, but terminating her for not sharing the mainstream conservative beliefs surrounding abortion is hurting free speech. It only helps the progressives delegitimize our argument for it.

Freedom of speech is one of the most important clauses of the First Amendment. This is what scares the far-left because it protects basically everything. You cannot eliminate “hate speech” as it is subjective. To you, something might be offensive, but to me, it is not. This goes both ways. You cannot be protected from being offended.

The Constitution declared that women have the right to vote, ended slavery, and gave us our freedoms. Lahren simply spoke her mind, and even though many conservatives did not agree with her, it does not mean that she should be fired. The Blaze firing her is similar to all of CNN’s “technical difficulties.” We are all entitled to our opinions. We are allowed to disagree and we need to be allowed to debate.

Free speech is incredibly important to our country. Today, you cannot even give an opinion without being ostracized. Conservatives are more supportive of free speech than the liberals have been as of late, but this termination begins to undermine everything that we worked for. We cannot say that we are not for political correctness or call the left “snowflakes,” and then turn around and act like hypocrites.

As I say to liberals, I now say to conservatives: Americans have the constitutional right to free speech. They do not have a constitutional right to not be offended.

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