University holds annual student leadership awards ceremony

Erin Hausmann, Staff Writer

The annual spring Student Leadership Awards were held on April 2. A large audience consisting of University faculty, staff, and students gathered in the Terrace Room of the Elaine Langone Center for the event, which was catered by Dining Services. Friends and family of the recipients being honored were also in attendance. In total there were more than 35 individuals honored for their accomplishments as leaders on campus and within the local community.

A variety of unique honors were presented throughout the ceremony. One student from each class year received an Award of Excellence. Katie Chambers ’17, the recipient of the award for the senior class, was thankful for the recognition.

“I was truly honored to receive two awards at the Student Leadership Awards Ceremony on Sunday, and was humbled by all the kind words Provost Altmann and Dean Badal had to say as they presented them to me,” Chambers said.

Students were also honored for their efforts outside of the classroom in the various clubs and activities on campus. Twenty-five Bison Awards for Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities were presented to members of the senior class, alongside other community, extracurricular, and outreach awards.

“I am so happy to have received the Bison Award of Excellence alongside 25 of my classmates who are some of the most accomplished, hard-working, and dedicated people I have met on campus,” Chambers said.

Chandler Houldin ’20, the recipient of the first-year Award for Excellence, was proud of both his accomplishments and the University as a whole.

“Looking around the room during the ceremony and listening to each recipient’s involvement, I couldn’t help but think about how amazing the students at this school are. I’m surrounded by so many leaders who will only help me grow during the next three years here,” Houldin said.

Two staff members, Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar and Director of International Student Services Jennifer Figueroa, were honored as well. The final group of recipients came from a pool of hundreds of nominations which were submitted by students, faculty, and staff members.

Brent Papson, the director of campus activities and student media, described the difficulties of selecting the eventual winners of the awards.

“The most challenging part of the process is in the hands of the committee, which must select recipients from a long list of deserving nominees. The committee deliberated for hours over the nominees, after spending hours reading well over a hundred nominations,” Papson said.

Associate Dean of Students Kari Conrad echoed these sentiments, expressing her admiration for the University’s student body.

“There are so many amazing students nominated. It’s always such a wonderful way to celebrate incredible student accomplishments. You can just feel the energy in the room,” Conrad said.

“It is sad that my time at Bucknell is coming to a close but I am honored to have been recognized for the work I have done on campus,” Chambers said.

2017 Student Affairs Leadership Awards Recipients:

Emerging Leader Award: William (Billy) Wall ’20

Class Awards of Excellence

Class of 2020: Chandler Houldin ’20

Class of 2019: Nir Aish ’19

Class of 2018: Alexander Murph ’18

Class of 2017: Katie Chambers ’17

Civility & Respect Award: Ryquan Harris ’20

Bridge Builder Award: Amarachi Ekekwe ’18

The Don Stechculte Change Agent Award: Cristal Hermosillo ’17

Community Outreach Award: Jorden Sneed ’17

Gerald W. Commerford Orange & Blue Award: Madeline Kling ’17

Forrest D. Brown Award: Steve Barilar

Student Leadership Mentor Award: Chanda Singoyi ’18

Leadership Mentor Award: Jennifer Figueroa

Student Organization Award: Student Chapter of the American Institute for Chemical Engineers

Bison Award for Excellence in Co-Curricular Activities

  1. Cristal Hermosillo
  2. Maddie Kling
  3. Mark Merino
  4. Jahi Omari
  5. James Richardson
  6. Jorden Sneed
  7. Danielle Taylor
  8. Katie Chambers
  9. Sam Jacobson
  10. Peter Puleo
  11. Zoe Russell
  12. Morgan Gisholt Minard
  13. Alex “Goldie” Golden
  14. Diana Jauregui
  15. Danielle “Ella” Johnson
  16. Laura Lujan
  17. Ana Martinez
  18. Taylor McCready
  19. Hannah Menendez
  20. Andranae Nelson
  21. Sara Palombo
  22. Kendra Spruill
  23. Nick Tatarian
  24. Zach Ross
  25. David Kading
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