The removal of Bannon reaffirms that Trump Administration is anything but static

Maddie Boone, Senior Writer

For many months now, the former Breitbart News Chairman turned White House chief strategist Steve Bannon has been yet another point of contention for the Trump Administration. More recently, he was removed from the National Security Council’s Principals Committee. This committee is a cabinet-level interagency group, in which Bannon’s appointment was highly disputed to start with and is now receiving similar attention with his removal. Bannon was placed on the committee to help in the process of “de-operationalizing” the National Security Council. This process, led by President Donald Trump, essentially entails altering, restructuring, and shrinking the National Security Council from what was left from the Obama Administration.

In addition to his role in de-operationalizing the National Security Council, one of Bannon’s purposes on the National Security Council was to act as a check on the former National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn. Unfortunately, Flynn was forced to resign in February due to his involvement with the Russian government. Therefore, Bannon was left without a real reason to be on the Council.

As a political advisor also sitting on the National Security Council, Bannon caused the demotion of Director of National Intelligence Director Dan Coats and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford from the Principals Committee. Since Bannon’s removal, Coats and Dunford have regained their places on the committee. Even Bannon recognized that his position on the Council was less necessary with the appointment of General H.R. McMaster as the replacement National Security Advisor.

What has really changed? Not much. Bannon still retains the same security clearance and may also continue to attend National Security Council meetings, which he already showed us by attending a National Security Council meeting on the day of his removal. The only real change is that Bannon no longer has a seat on the National Security Council, but he can still be involved as an advisor to either the President or the National Security Advisor. However, nothing is simple in politics and rumors have already come out that this demotion of Bannon was due to pressure from from Jared Kushner.

For some time now, Kushner, the son-in-law and senior advisor to Trump, has been eyed suspiciously by Bannon and his populist allies for his more democratic views. The two are known to disagree on almost every policy area. Now, with Kushner’s alleged pushes, Bannon is out of the National Security Council and has begun name-calling Kushner. All in all, this is yet another reminder that the Trump Administration is anything but static.

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