Lil Wayne, Cash Cash headline spring concert


Megan Hays, Staff Writer

With a turnout of more than 3,000 people and positive feedback circulating across the campus community, the University’s Concert Committee and advisers have labeled the spring concert a success.

The concert was held at 7 p.m. on April 8 in the Sojka Pavilion. The show featured opening performances by rapper Bas and hip hop artist Cyhi the Prynce, followed by a special performance from Cash Cash, an American electronic music group. Hip-hop star and platinum-record-selling artist Lil Wayne was the main performer of the concert.

Cash Cash played their most popular and crowd-pleasing songs including “Take Me Home,” “Millionaire,” and “Surrender,” and pumped up the crowd, encouraging students to clap and dance as two members of the trio waved large Cash Cash banners across the stage.

Lil Wayne, the featured performer chosen by students earlier in the semester, came out on stage sporting a University jersey and addressed the crowd between songs. Lil Wayne played many old hits such as “Lollipop,” “Love Me,” and part of Drake’s “The Motto.”

Associate Dean of Students Kari Conrad, along with members of the Bucknell Concert Committee, were responsible for securing the artists and details of the event.

I think overall we were all pleased with the showthe response from students and the community has been amazing,” Conrad said.

The Committee built the stage on the night of April 7, having it ready for sound and lights scheduled for 8 a.m. on April 8. There were more than 50 workers in the morning ready to build production, but they received notification that Lil Wayne’s production truck broke down in Morgantown, W.Va. The truck finally arrived at 3:30 p.m., only giving the team about three hours to build.

Concert Committee Chair Elias Strizower ’17 and Production Chair Marissa Hosker ’17 played instrumental roles on the day of the show. They made sure that everyone was at their assigned jobs, but were still able to enjoy the show during their off-time.

“I couldn’t be more proud of the Concert Committee for working so hard this year and bringing the show to life,” Strizower said.

Hosker echoed these thoughts and described the positive feedback she had received from those in attendance.

“Most of the Bucknellians that I talked to seemed to really enjoy the performances. Some people told me they were surprised by how many popular songs Cash Cash had and how Cyhi the Prynce and Bas had great performances as well,” Hosker said.

Harry Morris ’20, a member of the Bucknell Concert Committee, noted that he felt enthusiasm from the crowd and saw many Snapchats of the event from fellow students that indicated they enjoyed the concert.

At one point, Lil Wayne took a break from the music and initiated a call-and-response with the audience, in which he thanked the University and the audience for being fans and supporting his music and performance.

“Remember: I ain’t sh*t without you,” Lil Wayne declared.

“Being a part of the team is the only reason it went well. It required a ton of cooperation and communication to get done,” Morris said.

The concert brought a sense of community to University students and the greater Lewisburg area alike.

“A great big shout out to all the those who helped with the show—Facilities, Public Safety, Parkhurst Dining, CAP Center Staff, etc. I love the fact that with big events like a concertthe entire Bucknell family comes together to make things happen,” Conrad said.

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