Announcing the fall 2017 Editorial Board of The Bucknellian

Madison Weaver, Assistant News Editor

The Bucknellian Editorial Board held elections for positions for the fall semester of 2017 on April 2. The new executive board will be headed by Barbara Bell ’18 as Editor-in-Chief, and will joined by Caroline Fassett ’18 as Print Managing Editor. Lynn Korsun ’18 will continue in her current position as Print Presentation Director. Current Graphics Manager Jared Shapiro ’20 was elected to Web Managing Editor and Ellen O’Donnell ’18 will serve as the Web Presentation Director.

Other returning members of the Editorial Board include News Editors Elizabeth Worthington ’18 and Madison Weaver ’19, Investigative News Editor Kathryn Nicolai ’20, Special Features Editors Julie Spierer ’19 and Natalie Spears ’18. Current Photography Co-Editors Erin Ditmar ’18 and Caroline Sullivan ’19 will continue on in their roles, and Sullivan will also work alongside Lindsay Erickson ’18 as Social Media Managers.

Previous Opinions Layout Editor Maddie Boone ’18 will serve as Opinions Co-Editor, joined by Sam Rosenblatt ’20. Current News Editor Charles Beers ’19 was elected as Satire Co-Editor, and will serve as Co-Editor with Jon Meier ’20.

Previous Sports Editor Lauren Whelan ’18 and current Sports Co-Editor Elise Covert ’20 will return to their positions, and Schuyler Platt ’18 will serve as Sports Layout Editor. Current Special Features Layout Editors Fallon Goldberg ’20 and John Romei ’20 will return to the Editorial Board.

The current Editorial Board looks forward to transitioning newcomers into their elected roles, and to a successful spring semester.

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