Planned Parenthood and reporters should be held to the same standards

Samantha Woolford, Staff Writer

David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for Medical Progress were charged with 15 felonies by California prosecutors for recording Planned Parenthood employees who were connected to the abortion and fetal tissue industries, without their consent. Planned Parenthood officials obviously denied the accusations from the pro-life activists, which included the selling of fetal tissue.

Planned Parenthood claimed that the videos, which allegedly displayed employees negotiating the sale of fetal tissue, were heavily edited and were deceptive to anyone who watched them.

“This analysis did not reveal widespread evidence of substantive video manipulation, but we did identify cuts, skips, missing tape, and changes in camera angle,” Fusion GPS, a group hired by Planned Parenthood to view the footage and prove its deception, said.

Despite this, and other researchers viewing the entirety of the film, everyone still swept it under the rug.

The left is quick to berate the right and vilify them for even bringing up the video footage, hoping that people will just forget what the abortion specialists said and did. These situations mirror one another: instead of seriously trying to figure out if the allegations of the videos are true, the left suddenly doesn’t mind reporters getting arrested.

The left also comes to the defense of Planned Parenthood, as per usual. They say that the videos are edited and should be denounced immediately. We don’t really know the truth, and Planned Parenthood most likely wouldn’t admit to the public that they were illegally selling aborted fetal tissues. This could be true, however, Planned Parenthood has been known to botch the facts and stretch the truth.

A few weeks ago, Live Action released a video of a woman calling 97 Planned Parenthood locations, with only five of them actually providing prenatal care. Prenatal care is all that advocates of Planned Parenthood care to talk about. They like to say it’s not about abortion. If that wasn’t enough, some of the locations that were called advertised that they did prenatal care on the Planned Parenthood website. When I first watched this video, I looked at the website and saw that the locations did indeed advertise prenatal care. Funnily enough, after the video was released, Planned Parenthood took off prenatal care as one of its services at these locations.

Planned Parenthoods in Pennsylvania advertised prenatal care, even though it was no longer on the website. I called one in Philadelphia to ask about prenatal care. The woman on the phone laughed and told me they only provide abortion services, not prenatal care. They then gave me a number to call. It was a separate company and when I asked if there were any Planned Parenthoods in Pennsylvania that could provide me with prenatal care, she told me that not one did. Out of 32 locations, not one can provide prenatal care.

I think it is obvious that we should not take everything we see as verifiably true. We do know that the reporters recorded people without their knowledge. Though I am not excusing their illegal activity, several officials from the Planned Parenthood community said some pretty serious and concerning things when I spoke with them. Why don’t we hold everyone to the same standards? Even if Planned Parenthood claims the videos were edited, shouldn’t we be concerned about what the videos seemed to depict?

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