Editors You May Know spring 2017




Executive Board

(Left to right: Bethany Blass ’18, Morgan Gisholt Minard ’17, Lynn Korsun ’18)

Morgan Gisholt Minard, Editor-in-Chief

International Relations ’17, Duxbury, Mass.
Favorite newsroom moment: Anytime people on staff voluntarily stayed late to hang out after their section was finished. Also, any discussion of cholera.
Future role with the paper: I’d stay if I could, believe me. I truly have no idea what I’ll do to fill the void of spending upwards of 20 hours a week on this publication (not sarcasm).
Summer plans: After graduation, I’ll be moving to Washington, D.C. to intern at the Washington Bureau for BBC World News.


Bethany Blass, Print Managing Editor

Neuroscience ’18, Mountain Top, Pa.
Favorite newsroom moment: Assisting Courtney in her quest to pass her plagiarism test (ninth time’s the charm).
Future role with the paper: Unfortunately, I’m taking my senior year off from ’nellian to make time for other pursuits (@honors thesis) … also because I am expecting Senioritis to kick in very soon. But I will miss these people dearly!!!
Summer plans: After taking a two-week road trip to explore the west coast with my sister, I’ll be spending my summer at Rutgers University to participate in a neurobiology summer research program and to prepare for the GREs.


Lynn Korsun, Print Presentation Director

Psychology and German ’18, New Canaan, Conn.
Favorite newsroom moment: Probably when Ella unmuted our GroupMe and started talking to all of us.
Future role with the paper: Staying on as PPD because I don’t like change (and I sometimes like the people I work with)
Summer plans: Interning in the trauma center at the NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City. Then, for my nights, I’ll be working at a country club in Connecticut because #unpaidintern



(Left to right: Patxi Elizalde ’17, Erin Ditmar ’18, Caroline Sullivan ’19, Jared Shapiro ’20, Madeleine Silva ’17)

Madeleine Silva, Web Managing Editor

Film/Media and English ’17 Camp Hill, Pa.
Favorite newsroom moment: Being granted column rights
Future role with the paper: Enjoying watching someone else figure out how to order the articles online
Summer plans: Being a productive member of society


Patxi Elizalde, Web Presentation Director

Markets, Innovation & Design ’17, Makati City, Philippines
Favorite newsroom moment: the taco bar I never got to experience
Future role with the paper: editor-in-chief
Summer plans: living


Jared Shapiro, Graphics Manager

Undeclared School of Management ’20, Bethesda, Md.
Favorite newsroom moment: Actually making Lynn Korsun’s vision of a rapping bell pepper and anytime Julie Spierer asked what someone’s name is
Future role with the paper: Web Managing Editor and Graphics Manager
Summer plans: Interning for my hometown’s semi-pro baseball team


Caroline Sullivan, Social Media Manager/Photography Co-Editor

Psychology and Political Science ’19, Chappaqua, N.Y.
Favorite newsroom moment: Getting to witness the brainstorming sessions for the next issue’s satire articles
Future role with the paper: Photography co-editor and co-social media manager
Summer plans: Traveling to Denmark, interning, and lifeguarding (tanning) for the fifth consecutive summer.


Erin Ditmar, Photography Co-Editor

Chemical Engineering ’18, Manahawkin, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: When I took an entire leftover tray of breakfast sandwiches and carried it back to my mod
Future role with the paper: Photography co-editor (surprise)
Summer plans: Staying in Lewisburg (ray) to do chemical engineering pharmaceutical research and float down the river



(Left to right: Madison Weaver ’19, Maddie Boone ’18, Kathryn Nicolai ’20. Not pictured: Charles Beers ’19)

Kathryn Nicolai, Investigative News Editor

English- Literary Studies ’20, Pleasantville, N.Y.
Favorite newsroom moment: Watching hysterical and ridiculous quotes fill up the quote board throughout the semester
Future role with the paper: Investigative News Editor pt 2!
Summer plans: Working as a swim camp counselor/teaching cute toddlers how to blow bubbles and dip their heads under water


Charles Beers, News Editor

Computer Science and Creative Writing ’19, Huntington, N.Y.
Favorite newsroom moment: Deciding to bring my mom’s homemade cookies to the newsroom and the chaos that followed
Future role with the paper: Satire Editor
Summer plans: Possibly attending the Yale Writer’s Conference, possibly finding an internship in New York City, possibly working summer camp, possibly watching an unhealthy amount of Netflix as I recover from this semester


Madison Weaver, Assistant News Editor

Creative Writing ’19, New Brighton, Pa.
Favorite newsroom moment: Having tacos for dinner 
Future role with the paper: News Co-Editor
Summer plans: Teaching soccer to little kiddos even though I haven’t played since I was six years old when I almost got kicked off the team for doing too many cartwheels


Maddie Boone, News Layout Editor

International Relations ’18, Warren, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: Hearing all the ideas for satire pieces; Courtney and Madeline are hilar
Future role with the paper: Ops Co-Editor.
Summer plans: I will be living in New York City with Bucknell friends and interning at a tech PR firm. Also… turning 21 and spending lots of time down the jersey shore.



(Left to right: Ruby Gould ’19, Carolyn Hickey ’17, Julia Lasko ’17)

Julia Lasko, Opinions Co-Editor

Geography ’17, Chester, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: Writing last-minute articles in the secluded office with my co-editor/life partner Ruby
Future role with the paper: Nothing, I’m washed up
Summer plans: This question offends me


Ruby Gould, Opinions Co-Editor

Philosophy, Spanish, and Women’s and Gender Studies, ’19, Madison, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: The all-incumbent occurrences of self-timers, and/or Julie Spierer opening her mouth
Future role with the paper: I’ll be abroad next semester, but hope to return to my position as Opinions Co-Editor when I get back
Summer plans: Going abroad, see ya never


Carolyn Hickey, Opinions Layout Editor

Interdepartmental ’17, Winnetka, Ill.
Favorite newsroom moment: Listening to what Courtney learned in her health and disease class that day
Future role with the paper: After spending my last two years actively trying to get onto the newspaper I am sad to say that my role as opinions layout editor is coming to an end. I will miss it dearly. Thanks for finally giving me a position (@m0rrggggg).
Summer plans: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



(Left to right: Courtney ’17, Madeline Diamond ’17, Anonymous Satire Layout Editor ’20)

Madeline Diamond, Senior Editor

Creative Writing and History ’17, Dana Point, Calif. and New Canaan, Conn.
Favorite newsroom moment: Anything absurd enough to end up on our quote board, which is a lot
Future role with the paper: Nothing technically but I fully intend on adding myself to The Bucknellian Staff Fall 2017 GroupMe
Summer plans: haha.


Courtney Wren, Satire Co-Editor

Political Science ’17, Thornton, Pa.
Favorite newsroom moment: Talking and talking to no end. Begging people to hang out with me and begging Bethany to help me with my Health and Disease homework.
Future role with the paper: Skyping in to harass Barbara.
Summer plans: Truly none to speak of yet but stay tuned! Perhaps I will get a job.


Anonymous, Satire Layout Editor

Undeclared School of Management ’20, Barrington, Ill.
Favorite newsroom moment: Realizing Morgan was actually talking to me and not just saying one of the many other ambiguous, Anonymous-sounding names.
Future role with the paper: Avid reader
Summer plans: Learn Swedish.


Special Features

(Left to right: Caroline Sullivan ’19, Fallon Goldberg ’20, John Romei ’20, Julie Spierer ’19)

Julie Spierer, Special Features Editor

Psychology and Film/Media Studies ’19, Wyckoff, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: All of the endless giggles
Future role with the paper: Special features editor
Summer plans: Toasting in the sun and marinating in some salty ocean-water, interning with a film company in New York City, tender times with friends & family, and laying in the horizontal state for at least 45 hours upon arrival back to my home


Fallon Goldberg, Special Features Layout Editor

Cell Biology/Biochemistry ’20, Scotch Plains, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: “That’s actually a nice feature Fallon” -Morgan Gisholt Minard, Editor-in-Chief
Future role with the paper: Special features layout editor
Summer plans: On campus research with the chemistry department to try and make a desalination filter for agricultural purposes and helping with a science camp for kids in the area at the community garden to teach them about how fun science can be and to get them outside


John Romei, Special Features Layout Editor

Undeclared School of Managment ’20, Montvale, N.J.
Favorite newsroom moment: “John what even is that” -Morgan Gisholt Minard
Future role with the paper: Special features layout editor
Summer plans: Interning at accounting firm and visiting Italy



(Left to right: Bri Pomonis ’20, Elise Covert ’20, Olivia Braito ’19)

Elise Covert, Sports Co-Editor

Applied Mathematical Sciences ’20, Kennett Square, Pa.
Favorite newsroom moment: Getting the opportunity to cover the Patriot League playoffs for men’s and women’s basketball, especially when we were PATRIOT LEAGUE CHAMPIONS, no big deal. Also, convincing Morgan to be excited about sports
Future role with the paper: Back again as sports co-editor.
Summer plans: Trying to get a tan that will last me more than a week into fall semester


Bri Pomonis, Sports Co-Editor

Neuroscience ’20, Minneapolis, Minn.
Favorite newsroom moment: Coming up with the idea for a Bucknell-themed Juul for a satirical Management 101 product; One of the better things I’ve done this year
Future role with the paper: Trying out being a sports columnist
Summer plans: Become America’s Favorite Camp Counselor


Olivia Braito, Sports Layout Editor

Economics and Studio Art ’19, Long Island, N.Y.
Favorite newsroom moment: When it took 5,493,839 tries to get that cool picture of Morgan typing for the feature on Stuck House
Future role with the paper: Layout
Summer plans: Some traveling, hopefully working! Don’t really know yet.
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