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Kappa Sigma fraternity dissolved

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Kappa Sigma fraternity dissolved

Elizabeth Worthington, News Co-Editor

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The Alpha Phi chapter of the Kappa Sigma fraternity notified the University last week, on Aug. 22, that it was turning in its chapter, and as a result, will no longer be recognized as a student organization.

The chapter was placed on probation last year and incurred several layers of sanctions as the year progressed, both from their national organization and the University, including a significant fine.

The chapter’s faculty advisor and professor of political science, Chris Ellis, confirmed that the sanctions included not being able to host social events on campus for two years, and not being able to recruit members this fall semester.

“The sanctions placed on us by nationals and [the University] were unrealistic and set us up for failure, so we resigned as a chapter,” Chapter President Rich Nicolaides ’18 said.

It remains unclear what will happen to the fraternity’s chapter house. Representatives from Housing Services could not be reached for comment.

“Given the need to transition the facility at 64 University Ave. to a residence hall and the impact that has on its residents, we have a number of details to work through. We are committed to working with the students involved, along with Kappa Sigma’s national organization, to ensure a successful transition,” Dean of Students Amy Badal said.

This is a developing story.

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4 Responses to “Kappa Sigma fraternity dissolved”

  1. john micha on September 7th, 2017 3:17 pm

    what frats are left?!?!?

  2. RM on September 8th, 2017 12:59 am

    The real question of the day is why is the office of F&S Life being allowed to single handedly dismantle any above ground social environment. If the goal is to wipe out any and all under age drinking then the office is mining for fools gold. If they believe that the Greek Organisations are the keepers of under age drinking and will never be perpetuated by any non-Greek Organization then they are perhaps executing a strategy of deliberately pushing the drinking culuture underground so they can fake sleep at night until something really serious happens. The administration and Greek organisations have done an amazing job over the last several years make necessary adjustments to create a better platform of accountability that resulted in materially more responsible behavior. The stats prove this out. But now the current Director who hales from UVA where Super majority of students lives off campus is trolling day and night parties calling in noise complaints (not the residents of community but a school employee) turning the party scene into a nanny state environment. The fact is that such a strategy will push drinking underground which will make it more dangerous for students. When you push it underground the hard work developing a balanced oversight structure gets dismantled in short order because the credible threat falls away. The simple minded idea that Greek like holds the exclusive mantle for drinking and drugs is fundamentally wrong. Look at Wesleyan as just one example and the widely known synthetic drug culture that goes on away from any Greek culture. Bucknell has a unique opportunity to lead in the area of responsible oversight and student management and has done an amazing job these last several years under the leadership of Badal. But there is a new direction in play and I see major unintended consequences.

  3. Adrian Zapotockyy on September 8th, 2017 4:43 pm

    I was proud that a chapter of my fraternity, Kappa Sigma, was on the campus of Bucknell University. I was upset when I learned about the violations committed by my fellow brothers at Bucknell that resulted in the leveling of severe penalties. Today I am saddened by the announcement that Kappa Sig will be closing her doors forever.

    “The most important lesson of history is that the lessons of history are not learned.” When will fraternities learn that university rules are to be followed?

  4. RM on September 8th, 2017 8:04 pm

    Two more fraternities placed on cease and desist in last 24-hours as the Admin ramps up its full frontal attack on the greek system. Cause and effect ladies and gentlemen. Alums will begin to hear and money will begin to slow. Some members of greek will begin to be psychologically harmed as the admin imposes sanctions that prevents groups from gathering at all (alcohol or not) or is harm only relevant for like minded people against the greek system. Lets go full nanny fascist state and have professors and admin be armed with devices to take spot hair sample tests. It is just amazing that admin believes none of this would go on without greek system. The relationship between admin and greek has been great and working well until this school year. what changed, who changed?

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Kappa Sigma fraternity dissolved