Career (center) hacks

Career (center) hacks

Natalie Spears, Special Features Co-Editor

With the upcoming University Career Fair on Sept. 19, many students are wondering what they should do to prepare for it, and particularly how they should begin their job or internship search process. Some may opt to visit the Career Development Center (CDC), where they could receive useful advice from one or more of the fifteen interns who work multiple days a week to keep the department running smoothly. Each intern works in a different branch of the CDC and has their own unique insight into the ins and outs of career development. We asked these CDC experts to share information about what they do — specifically how they make the commonly-dreaded job process a bit more manageable for students.

Rebecca Stanziale ’20, Pre-Health Intern

I work closely with pre-health advisor Dr. Alison Patterson on projects and events that the campus has in the pre-health field. Our upcoming event is a series of mock interviews that we are holding during Family Weekend for potential medical school students. We will also be arranging four different speakers in the field to come and speak to students who are interested. Until I started working here, I didn’t realize how much the CDC really does offer. Students are definitely encouraged to stop by a few times each year if they need any help at finding jobs, networking, or starting their career search from scratch.

Amanda Solomon ’18, Alumni Research Intern

In my internship, about half of the time is spent working as a generalist, [in which I help] students with resume and cover letter review, as well as [with] scheduling appointments. The other half is spent working on the Alumni Career Paths and the Post Grad Survey for the class of 2017. The Alumni Career Paths are compilations of where University graduates (since 1980) are working, sorted by majors. It’s really helpful to look at if you want to see what people who studied the same thing as you are [currently] doing.

Maddie Nicol ’19, Social Media and Marketing Intern

I am one of the social media and marketing interns at the CDC. In my position, I help to create content for the CDC social media pages, such as Facebook and Instagram, and I also help design posters with additional information about the CDC and the events offered. This semester I will be helping to create more content for the Instagram, specifically more posts and stories about the CDC and what we have to offer students.

Anna Millar ’18, Externship Intern

I work with Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Career Services Emily Dietrich to establish externship opportunities for current sophomores with alumni in a variety of fields. I encourage all sophomores to learn more about the externship program by attending one of our information sessions… all in the Gallery Theatre. I also encourage all students to stop by the CDC to have their resume reviewed Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 p.m. by an intern and to not be afraid to do so.

Laura Kolstad ’19, Social Media and Marketing Intern

Besides working as a general intern, scheduling appointments and helping students with their resumes/cover letters, I create a lot of the posts for the CDC’s social media, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as Bucknell’s Career Insider blog. I try and help students become aware of career events the CDC is hosting, as well as current internship and job opportunities. These accounts are very easy to follow and I think it’s very helpful to keep students updated on what is going on, career related, both on and off campus.

Caroline Guthrie ’20, Alumni Career Services Intern

I assist in helping alumni determine their next steps in their career paths by researching content that is useful to people looking for jobs. I also keep alumni updated by posting campus events on the Bucknell Alumni LinkedIn Page. Students should read through the CDC emails because they contain all the events that will take place that week. Some interesting events coming up include the Employer Expo, Resumania, and Externship information sessions.

Mamta Badlani ’18, CDC Finance Intern

I work with Kathleen Kennedy, who is the finance expert at the CDC (she provides career counseling for jobs relating to the investment banking industry and Wall Street). I recently helped Kathleen create a document that gives students an introductory look at the industry and the initial steps they need to take if they’re interested in pursuing a career in finance.

Rachel Guen ’19, Bridge and Employer Relations Intern

During my specialist hours, I do different tasks, such as posting positions and updating information on the Bridge and updating alumni and employer representative information. During my Resource Room hours, I sit at the front desk and answer phone calls, schedule appointments, and help look over resumes. I think it would be helpful for other students to know about the variety of jobs posted on the Bridge! From outdoor leadership trip positions to banking positions, there are many opportunities, employer representatives, and alumni looking to hire University students.

James Cobbinah ’20, Educational Programs Intern

I spend half of my hours working in the resource room helping students with their resumes and cover letters, as well as scheduling appointments for students. I spend the other half of my hours doing specialty work. Kathleen Kennedy is one of the counselors I occasionally work with. She has tasked me with researching and creating a handout on various finance programs and internships available to first-years, sophomores, and minority students.

Seth Hartley ’18, Career Events and Field Trips Intern

I support two of our counselors in organizing our large career events, like the upcoming career expo on September 19th, and I also do work in preparation for field trips and mock interviews. A part of my job is working in the resource room at our office where students can come in any time and ask for help about the job or internship search. There are also many events that the career development hosts around campus that can help an individual in their career and skill building that one can easily find on The Bridge.

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