Migos ft. Cheat Codes: Fall Concert 2017

Adam DeVine and Adam Ray also slated for Center Stage

Megan Hays, Staff Writer

The University’s Concert Committee is excited to announce that hip-hop trio Migos will be performing at this year’s fall concert, with electronic DJ trio Cheat Codes as the opening act. The concert will be held in the Sojka Pavilion on Nov. 11. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets go on sale at campus box offices at $30 for students beginning Sept. 18 and $40 for the general public beginning Sept. 22.

Multiple acts were under consideration, but the committee ultimately chose Migos, noting the popularity of rap music on campus.

“It was a unanimous ‘yes’ within the committee to go for Migos. Regardless of music taste, this was a group we could not pass on, due to their current relevancy and popularity,” Production Chair William Frost ’18 said.

After the team conducted interviews among a few students, they moved forward with securing the artist because of the excitement they received.

“This truly is a student experience,” Associate Dean of Students Kari Conrad said.

Beginning on Sept. 11 and leading up to the official announcement of the performer, the team held a “Bachelor Challenge” game, in which students could guess the Fall Concert artist for a chance to win a free ticket and a rose. This was only one of several other marketing strategies that was and will be utilized to promote the event.

“Cheat Codes is our opener, which is going to be absolutely sick. They are an up and coming DJ trio that has collaborated with Demi Lovato, Nicky Romero, and other big names,” Logan Springer ’20 said.

“I am certainly going out with the best concert of my four years on the committee,” Frost said.

Center Stage, an annual event that takes place each fall, will be held on Nov. 3. The event is sponsored by Activities & Campus Events (A.C.E.). This year, A.C.E. is partnering with Alumni Relations to host the performances outdoors in a large tent on Homecoming Weekend. The tent will be erected in the parking lot located directly across from Christy Mathewson-Memorial Stadium.

Adam DeVine will be taking the stage this year, while Adam Ray will be featured as the opening act.

“This summer we emailed a survey to the student body and Adam DeVine won by a large margin. It’s rare to be able to secure the top choice, so this is exciting news for our campus,” Director of Campus Activities and Student Media Brent Papson said.

DeVine is a comedian and well-known actor from the television show “Workaholics” and the film “Pitch Perfect.” Ray, an actor and writer, has starred in movies like “Spy,” “Ghostbusters,” and “The Heat.”

“Last year, Center Stage was held in the Weis Center, so having it outside creates a whole new level of planning. It will take more work, but having it outside allows more people to attend, and creates a better atmosphere for the event,” Papson said.

Per tradition, bread bowls, soup, and cookie dough on a stick will be served. As the event is being held outdoors, fire pits will decorate the inside of the tent to keep the attendees warm.

Although Center Stage is a free event, space is limited and the tent will fill up fast. Food will be served at 7 p.m. and student a capella groups will perform their sets at 8 p.m. DeVine will take the stage at 9 p.m.

“We were fortunate to have it land during Homecoming Weekend. We think this will create more excitement for both students and alumni about Homecoming,” Papson said.

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