Mexico earthquake warrants response equal to American natural disasters

Megan Lafond, Contributing Writer

Mexico and its citizens have fallen victim to a number of powerful earthquakes this September, causing widespread terror, injured civilians, and heartbreaking damage to homes and buildings everywhere. Images and videos show families staring at the grounds that were once their homes and civilians digging and searching for those who may be trapped underneath the rubble. Mexico City and its surrounding areas have already experienced 8.1, 7.1, and 6.1 magnitude earthquakes striking close together both geographically and chronologically.

Media coverage of these devastating earthquakes has been anything but satisfactory. Although the United States has had its fair share of natural disasters, with hurricanes hitting Texas and Florida the hardest as of late, it is still important that the media give attention to events happening in other parts of the world.

Unfortunately, with so much attention in the news going to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, many people might have been unaware of the magnitude and intensity of the earthquakes in Mexico and how they impacted the health and security of its citizens. Social media supported and boosted Hurricane Harvey and Irma relief by sharing ways of how to help. Hollywood additionally brought attention to the relief as famous actors and singers shared how much they donated to relief efforts or support in the form of tweets or Instagram posts. The Mexican government offered relief aid to Texas by sending twenty five trailers with supplies for the citizens of Houston as a way to show what “good neighbors should always do in difficult times.”

However, media outlets in the United States did not support their Mexican neighbors in the same way. Mainstream media only mentioned the earthquakes, without providing the round-the-clock coverage by the Weather Channel, for example, that was given to the Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

The media’s response in aiding Mexico and its citizens should have been the same as it was to help the communities in Houston and Florida. We are all living on the same continent, trying to survive all kinds of natural disasters that come and go quickly, leaving devastation in their wake. It is important to engage those who are fortunate enough not to have been impacted by any of these disasters. This engagement can then mobilize help in the form of supplies, money, or even thoughtful letters showing that people are thinking about them in times of sadness.

When little attention is directed towards global events such as the Mexican earthquakes, however, few can send help to those in need because they are unaware of the reality outside of their own versions of the “bubble.” It is time we show equal attention to events around the world, because it is when the world is unified that we can stand together, stronger.

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