Disaster relief for Mexico and Puerto Rico

Kathryn Nicolai, Investigative News Editor

Latinx Alliance for Community and Opportunity for Students (LACOS), Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE), and Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi) partnered to fund raise for the communities in Mexico and Puerto Rico affected by recent natural disasters. Students from each organization tabled three consecutive days, starting Oct. 3 at the Elaine Langone Center and outside the Bertrand Library. Cash and debit/credit card donations were accepted to go directly to the organization, Hispanic Federation, who will distribute the funds where needed.

The earthquake in Mexico occurred on Sept. 19, causing 369 deaths and the destruction of at least 38 buildings. Puerto Rico is severely suffering from the impacts of Hurricane Irma and Maria, which jointly caused 37 deaths and left millions without electricity and necessary resources.

Diversity and Inclusion Fellow Carmen Henne-Ochoa reached out to LACOS with the idea to collaborate on a fundraiser for the impacted communities.

“Whether we see it or not, we are interconnected with others, both within and beyond our national borders,” Henne-Ocho said. “Each and every one of us has a moral and ethical responsibility in seeing and empathizing with others’ pain and suffering.”

Many members of LACOS are of Mexican and Puerto Rican descent and feel a personal connection to these countries, according to LACOS President Jacqueline Galindo ’18.

“Our people are fighting for their survival in these communities and we hope to raise awareness about their current crisis. This fundraiser was started because our communities need us in this moment and we will do as much as we can collectively to help,” Galindo said.

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