Letter to the Editor: To those that think they know me

Bruce Keenan

I support President Donald J. Trump. To you, I am a deplorable, a Nazi, a racist, a bigot, and a white supremacist. All I ask of those who call me these names is to stop being hypocritical. Although I may not agree with the beliefs of those who call me all of these hateful names, I am not going to call you names besides the ones that are true. You complain of the name-calling that Trump engages in, but look at yourselves. I will not call you hateful names to your face or behind your back. If you walk up to me, I can almost guarantee you that you will think I am a smart, young, genuinely nice individual. I am the person that walks by you on your way to class, looks you in the eye, gives you a smile, and says, “Good morning.”

I do not hate anyone besides this country’s enemies. I wish for Americans to always be free from oppression, so to call me anything other than an American patriot is false. I may not believe in allowing illegal immigrants to pass across our borders or Confederate statues to be ripped down to erase the history of the Democratic Party who acted as proponents to slavery, but I do believe in laws and the freedom of every American.

I would lay down my life to protect every single person in this country, no matter their race, gender, religious beliefs, or political ideology, if it means to continue the democratic election process that give Americans a voice. Many claim that our election process is unfair and no longer works to express the views of all Americans; I tell those people to live in another country, such as North Korea, where one set of beliefs reign supreme and cannot be questioned. People across the world are persecuted for their beliefs, yet we live in a country where we are all given the right to express ourselves.

Although I do not believe that NFL players, or anyone for that matter, should kneel during the national anthem, it is their right. However, it is hypocritical to kneel for a song that passionately expresses support of those that have lost their lives fighting to protect our freedom, including the freedom to protest peacefully. I have no respect for a person that kneels for the national anthem, yet stands for another anthem of a country that had oppressed ours.

For those who read this, try to picture who I am. You can say anything you want to me, because it is your right. You can continue to call me names indirectly or even spit on me if you wish. Remember that I am another American just like you. This campus attempts to recognize the oppression in society, yet it fails to control the hatred that is bred towards people like me. I have no respect for those that lump me, an individual with my own thoughts and beliefs, into a category of white supremacists because of my support of a president who was elected by the people of the United States. We are all people of the United States, so this president was chosen by us. Either you did not sufficiently support the candidate of your choice, or I effectively spread my beliefs and was able to gain support of people across this country. Do not blame it on the Russians; take responsibility for your actions.

Although I do not agree with everything Trump says or does, I am not going to turn on him. We have ISIS wanting to execute people in America, Iran chanting, “Death to America,” and North Koreans threatening to destroy this country.  If you think for a second that I am going to turn my frustration, hatred, and name-calling on the people who disagree with me in this country, you are wrong. I know who I am, and I know what I stand for.  I will not be persecuted any further.


Just another person who walked by you today

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