2nd annual SToPP 5k triples money raised

SToPP 5k to end campus sexual assault raises awareness and strives for prevention

Elizabeth Worthington, News Co-Editor

For the second year in a row, SpeakUP, Interfraternity Council, and Panhellenic Council teamed up to sponsor the SToPP 5k to End Campus Sexual Assault.

The 5k raised over $1,500, tripling last year’s total. Similar to last year, the proceeds directly benefitted the New Agenda Foundation’s efforts to raise awareness of, transform behavior related to, and create a conversation around sexual assault.

Liz Hammond ’18 and Elizabeth Aucamp ’18 organized the event this year. Hammond has been a member on the Young Women’s Leadership Council for the New Agenda for the past three years and became involved with planning the race after she took on the role of Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service for Panhellenic Council last year. She was responsible for the planning and execution of the race, including organizing the authorizations, sponsorships, registrations and advertisements, as well as acting as the liaison between the University and The New Agenda.

Aucamp was responsible for outreach, spreading the word to sororities and fraternities, gathering volunteer information, and acting as the point person for the Greek community. She was assisted by Mitchell Petrimoulx ’18, the Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service for the Interfraternity Council.

Each participant was automatically entered into a raffle, and prizes were donated from downtown Lewisburg shops.

Over 150 people participated in the SToPP 5k this year, making it the largest of its kind nationwide so far – other schools are still having races later this month. 

Both Hammond and Aucamp commented on the importance of the event in promoting positive actions towards stopping sexual assault on college campuses. Aucamp lamented the way assault often gets “swept under the rug” despite how alarmingly common the act is on campus. 

Hammond elaborated on the idea by emphasizing the importance of providing “a supportive and empowering environment for the survivors of sexual assault who are too often afraid to take action because of the fear of facing reprisal from their attacker or of being ridiculed by their community.”

“Sexual assault is an issue prevalent and highly concentrated on college campuses across the country, so any sort of awareness raised about the issue is a step in the right direction of bringing an end to sexual assault.” Aucamp said.

Both women hoped that the event would remind students of the resources available to them on campus.

“By having organizations such as SpeakUp be a part of this event, we want to encourage any of those who have been affected by sexual assault to reach out and use the resources that our campus community provides. They do not stand alone,” Aucamp said.

“The 5k is meant to raise awareness through aspects like the statistics posted around the course, but also to demonstrate to survivors and future survivors that our campus will not stand for sexual violence and to provide resources for them, their friends, and anyone looking to make a difference,” Hammond said.

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