Bison record-setter Asher Salam ’06 instructs top athletes at CourtSense

Bri Pomonis, Senior Writer

Bison alumnus and former men’s tennis standout Asher Salam ’06 is hard at work training future tennis stars as a coach for CourtSense Tennis Training Center. His own impressive history with tennis has translated into his commitment to form some of America’s top junior tennis players.

Salam’s fame in the field of tennis has germinated from his time at Strath Haven High School. The Pennsylvania native led his team to two state champion titles while earning first-team all-league, all-country, and all-state honors and a 19th place ranking for the United States Tennis Association Middle States.

His upward momentum continued through his years at the University, and Salam quickly became a respected presence in the Patriot League. By his final year, Salam earned a record of 108-105, which remains in the program’s top 15 over 10 years later. Additionally, in his sophomore year, Salam was a recipient of the University’s Coaches Award and the Patriot League Award of Good Sporting Conduct.

This mix of talent, dedication, humility, and grace would carry into his coaching abilities when his time on the court ended.

After a stint of assistant coaching at the University and Swarthmore College, Salam joined a staff of coaches at CourtSense Tennis Training Center. Founded by former Association of Tennis Professionals standout Gordon Uehling, this elite training facility gives athletes cutting-edge training in tennis instruction and overall athletic ability. Players of all ages and skill levels have excelled under the instruction of respected coaches.

The CourtSense website reveres Salam as “one of [CourtSense’s] most tenured coaches,” and the feats of his current and former students are strong testaments to this. Salam has instructed several five-star college recruits, nationally ranked players of all ages, and Olympic tennis player Christina McHale.

Salam’s list of accomplishments has only continued to grow in his years off the court. The skill, dedication, and heart he displayed as a player and now as a coach is bound to create the next generation of tennis legends.

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