‘By Way of Bucknell’ unveiled

University continues implementation of branding campaign

Megan Hays, Staff Writer

The University’s effort to accentuate and tell its story “By Way of Bucknell” has infiltrated campus and beyond. The branding initiative is illustrated by banners dotting the campus, graphics outside of Taylor Hall, updates to the website, and other implementations that collectively showcase the University’s brand.

“As the new banners continue to go up, people will notice that they aren’t just random messages, but rather a series of phrases that speak to the new brand platform,” Chief Communications Officer Andy Hirsch said.

Hirsch affirmed that feedback has been positive. Savannah Weaver ’20 said, “I like seeing the banners around campus. I like being reminded of the motivation needed to be a student at Bucknell.”

“We’re also slowly introducing a few [banners] that feature photos of faculty, staff, students, and alumni which we hope and believe will reinforce the highly personalized, close-knit experience Bucknell offers, while also highlighting some of the great work Bucknellians do every day,” Hirsch said.

While the banners are one of the most visible changes seen on campus so far, a lot of work has been done behind the scenes to bring this project together. The initiative has designed new viewbooks that prospective students and their families are receiving, which display messages similar to those displayed on the banners, as part of an effort to maintain consistency across all design platforms.

The graphics seen outside of Taylor Hall effectively test new graphic material, introduce the brand in an unexpected away, and give added recognition to the newly established College of Management. The rebranding team hopes to bring similar graphics to the interior of Taylor Hall as well.

“We’ve made a number of changes and updates to everything from the University website all the way down to our business cards. It is really exciting to see many months of work come to fruition in various ways on campus and beyond, and we look forward to continuing the implementation throughout the academic year,” Hirsch said.

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