Uptown breaks semester attendance record with 4,000 visitors

Samantha Ruvolo, Contributing Writer

On Nov. 10, the third annual Senior Night Register at Uptown united members of the Class of 2018. 233 students attended the event, and contributed to a record-breaking achievement: Uptown has now received 4,000 visitors over the span of the semester, the first time in its 19-year existence.

The directors of Uptown and the Class of 2018 co-hosted the event and provided free food, drinks, and student performances throughout the night.

“It was meant to be an opportunity for seniors to celebrate our last year at Bucknell in a setting that all feel welcomed,” Gabriella Gomes ’18, senior class president for Bucknell Student Government (BSG), said.

“Being able to see the excitement in everyone’s eyes when John Quinn announce[d] on stage that Uptown reached our goal [of breaking the attendance record] was a proud moment. Seeing his classmates cheer him on is what makes this University and Uptown such a special place,” Mike Duignan, Director of Campus Activities and Student Organizations, said.

The Uptown space was created in 1999 “as a way to provide social programming, [and] to teach responsible drinking habits in a social setting,” Duignan added.

Since its inception, Uptown has continued to function as a unique place on campus that “celebrates fun through personal connection,” as Uptown administration member John Quinn ’18 said.

Quinn described the space’s events as a “formidable social alternative to the University’s dominant party culture,” and Duignan echoed this sentiment in describing it as a “social destination for all communities on campus.”

On Dec. 1 and 2, Uptown will host two more holiday-themed events to celebrate the end of the semester. Quinn affirmed that Uptown hopes to extend its record to 5,000 visitors.

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