Interim dean Karl Voss to be named permanent dean of College of Arts & Sciences

Kathryn Nicolai, News Editor

Effective May 1, Karl Voss, — current Interim Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences — will be named the college’s permanent dean.

Voss started as a professor in the University’s mathematics department in 1999 and headed the department between 2008-2012. After a national search by a 13-member committee, to fill the position of dean, Voss came out as the top candidate for the position.

“Karl rose to the top of a strong national pool of candidates for what was a very desirable position,” Provost Barbara Altmann, who co-chaired the search committee, said in a University news announcement. “Over his 18 months as interim dean, Karl deepened his understanding of the richness and complexity of Arts & Sciences, and demonstrated to everyone he spoke with during the interview that he is ready to lead all three divisions of the college at this turning point in its history.”

The College of Arts & Sciences is comprised of 65 percent of the University’s student body, which includes 31 departments and interdisciplinary programs, 47 majors, 62 minors and 281 faculty members. Arts & humanities, natural sciences, and mathematics all fall under the College of Arts & Sciences.

Voss envisions more interdisciplinary work between the University’s three colleges moving forward.

“As dean, I want to figure out how we can create even more structures and connections to share the expertise of faculty from the College of Engineering and the College of Management with our students, too,” Voss said.

According to Voss, who feels comfortable with data and analytical thinking, being a mathematician is advantageous. As a past professor of engineering, he also feels more connected to the University’s entire student body, not just students in the arts and sciences.

Voss holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and history from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in mathematics from Yale University.

Voss is replacing George Shields who served as dean of the College of Arts and Sciences between 2010-2016. Shields is currently the Vice President of Affairs and Provost at Furman University.

“His intelligence, clear thinking, principled leadership and good humor are tremendous assets to Arts & Sciences, and to all of Bucknell. He will be a superb dean,” Altmann said.


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