From Uptown to downtown: Super Bowl LII

Megan Hays, Senior Writer

A record number of 243 people attended Uptown’s Super Bowl Sunday event, the highest turnout in its four year history. The event was hosted by the Inter Residence Hall Association (IRHA) and Uptown, and featured five TV’s projected on a large screen with surround-sound. Pizza, wings, snacks, and soft drinks went fast as students cheered on their respective teams.

“With Uptown having such a historic year all of our events have seen large jumps in attendance, the Super Bowl event is just another example,” Director of Campus Activities and Student Organizations Mike Duignan said.

Super Bowl LII ended with a 41-33 win for the Philadelphia Eagles over the New England Patriots. This was the first Super Bowl championship for the Eagles, against a team that has previously won five Super Bowl titles.

“It was an incredible event that IRHA and Uptown were proud to host and gave a lot of people a fun place to watch the game and engage with others from around campus! It was a really lively atmosphere the whole time,” General Manager of Uptown John Quinn ’18 said.

In addition to Uptown’s Super Bowl Sunday, many of the University’s fraternities held viewing events. These events, held at University-designated fraternity housing, doubled as meet-and-greet events for current and prospective members.

Over 150 people flowed in and out of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity house throughout the game. The brothers and guests, representing both fan bases, had over 20 pizzas delivered and a variety of wings courtesy of their house chef.

“I think the Super Bowl is a great event across campus as it is traditionally the first time Greek organizations are allowed to open their doors to first years, and get to enjoy the game together. We were split between Pats and Eagles fans, so eyes were glued to the screen until the very end,” Phi Gamma Delta Corresponding Secretary Jeff Lee ’20 said.

Many Patriots fans and a number of passionate Eagles fans were also in attendance at Sigma Chi Fraternity, where potential new members socialized with brothers while enjoying the refreshments and cheering on their team.

“The frats were fun, and it was good to meet some of the brothers! I just wish the game would have ended differently,” Patriots fan Rylan Forester ’21 said.

“We had a great number of guys show up and with the Eagles winning it all, it couldn’t have gone better. Bird gang,” Sigma Chi President Niko Spyropoulos ’19 said.

The University’s sororities also held viewing parties. “I usually watch the game with my family but it was great to hang out with friends in a cozy environment on our sorority suite, and eat some wings and pizza while we were at it,” Jen Borowka ’20 said. These events, which were only open to current members, were held throughout Hunt Hall.

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