LEAD hosts fourth annual banquet to inspire current student leaders into alumni involvement

Julie Spierer, Special Features Editor

The Leadership Education Alumni Donation (LEAD) council hosted its fourth annual banquet, where University President John Bravman gave a speech to a wide range of student leaders. LEAD focuses on informing students of the importance of giving back to the University, as well as conveying the impact of consistent alumni support through donations of various sorts, not limited to the monetary type. These other donations may be of time, possibly through volunteer-work, extension of internship opportunities for current students, or providing the University with an insightful lecture that can help students to better learn from the experience of others. The club emphasizes that alumni have the capacity to enhance the University experience for current students in multitudes of ways.

The dinner on Feb. 28 was held in Weis Center at 5 p.m. to honor the active alumni, including Doug Williams ’63, Shannon Craig ’73, Jim Hughes ’74, and Ellen Hughes ’76, as well as honor all of the current student leaders for their outstanding ability to actively participate in University life through a myriad of ways. President Bravman spoke of the importance of alumni’s continued support through “time, talent, and treasure.” President of LEAD, Grace Hwang also delivered a moving speech, emphasizing the importance of student leadership on campus. 

“It was great to see student leaders and alumni coming together at the dinner because they all share a dedication to enhance the Bucknell experience,”Grace Hwang ’19, President of LEAD, said.

“I think the whole dinner really highlighted how student leadership now can transform into active involvement as alumni. By being able to talk and connect with multiple alumni, I was able to really appreciate Bucknell and how it has grown through active alumni involvement,” Manya Saaraswat ’19, member of LEAD, said.

LEAD aspired to inspire invited student leaders to carry on their current leadership as alumni after graduation.

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