Students initiate counter-protest to anti-gay marriage protestors on Route 15

Elizabeth Worthington, Editor-in-Chief

On March 26, individuals were seen on Route 15 protesting against gay marriage. The group, which is believed to belong to a local church, held up signs with statements such as, “Honk for traditional marriage” or “God’s marriage is 1 man + 1 woman.”

In response, University students swiftly organized a counter-protest, bringing signs that read “Love is Love,” and “Marriage is about love, not gender.”

“I think it’s imperative that we make it clear our campus is a community that is welcoming to all, and that we will not stand for bigotry. The importance of this event came not from their bigotry but in the immediate response of our community. It was empowering to see how many people were willing to just drop anything to go stand for something so important,” Brenna Prevelige ’20, who participated in the counter-protest, said.

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