Songs to remember the ‘Burg after graduation

Amy Schlussler, Contributing Writer

This time of year can be extremely emotional for those set to enter the “real world” once the semester comes to a close. The four, sometimes five, years spent at the University are filled with countless hours spent at Walmart, an ungodly amount of money blown at Chipotle, and a number of days and nights spent on St. Catherine Street. Here’s a playlist that will make you reflect on your most questionable nights spent at our finest fraternities in downtown Lewisburg:


  1. All Night Longer – Sammy Adams: Ask any female on the University’s campus and they will be able to recite the entire song verbatim in a matter of minutes. Sammy Adams has made it on everyone’s pregame playlist at some point, whether you like to admit it or not.
  2. Kill the Lights – (Alex Newell, et al.): Elevated surfaces are a must when this song comes. If you don’t hop on the nearest elevated surface when this song comes on, you’re not a true University student.
  3. Piano Man – Billy Joel:  Fraternity brothers across campus can’t deny that they’ve shed a tear or two when this song is played downtown.
  4. God’s Plan – Drake: The latest and greatest bump. It’s safe to say that Drake is featured on all students’ Spotify playlists.
  5. Big Bootie mix, Vol. 10/11/12/13 – Two Friends:  We can’t make a playlist without adding the infamous, hour long, masterpieces created by “Two Friends.” Any of the Big Bootie Mixes will do when in doubt on aux.


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