“Crazy for You” takes the Harvey Powers stage

Avery Blasko, Contributing Writer

From April 13 to April 16, the Theatre Department produced the classic musical “Crazy for You,” with music and lyrics written by George and Ira Gershwin. The production was directed by Associate Professor of Theatre and Dance Dustyn Martincich. Leads Brendan Trybus ’18 and Catherine Ames ’20 played Bobby Child and Polly Baker, who fall in love with each other, despite opposing professional views on the theatre. Bobby is the child of the owner of a large bank, who has been sent from New York to Nevada to shut down a theatre. Bobby has a change of heart and decides to save the theatre, and when he falls in love with Polly at first sight, he feigns his true identity so she will return the emotion. When Polly discovers who Bobby really is, she gets upset with him, and he moves back to New York. They both eventually realize their love for one another is stronger than their disagreements, and while Bobby goes back to Nevada, Polly heads for New York. In the end, they both find each other and live out their lives happily ever after.

The twenty-three cast members began rehearsing in mid-February, just after the closing of “Emilie: La Marquise Du Chatelet Defends Her Life.” They spent about 24 hours a week rehearsing, according to Martincich. During rehearsals, the cast worked on the choreography of dance and stage fighting, music and voice rehearsals, design presentations, and scene work.

“The making of this show was something quite beautiful in and of itself: everyone involved believed in the classic, rallying, and surging power of Gershwin,” Ames said. “The first day of rehearsal we had a table read of the show… I’ll never forget the energy that radiated from every person in that room. That energy carried us throughout the extensive process, because we knew that this was about something bigger than us.”

Ames said that while she followed the script, it was flexible enough to include some of herself in Polly. She was specifically interested in the backstory of Polly’s mother, who is no longer around. She added a few details to Polly, like her mother’s locket that the character wore throughout the play.

Martincich explained that this particular show was chosen because she wanted to produce a “classical show that still allowed for artistic growth and exploration.”  She also said that she chose a musical composed by Gershwin because “the music evokes memory and emotion for many generations of audience members.”

“I loved the production of ‘Crazy for You.’ The acting was great and they kept the crowd entertained,” audience member Caroline Hromy ’21. said.

“‘Crazy for You’ has been an incredible process. From start to finish, this show, and the process to craft our story within the show, has been all about building a solid community,”  Patrick Newhart ’18 said of his experience in the production. “Now, more than ever, this idea of community is super important. ‘Crazy for You’ has allowed us a platform to explore the importance of friendship, love, and working as an ensemble, and community to support one another and make something truly fun, energetic, and beautiful,” Newhart continued.

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