First round of sorority recruitment

Avery Blasko, Contributing Writer

Open Suites was held April 22 in Hunt Hall

Although formal recruitment doesn’t begin until the fall, Open Suites, an informal, imitation first round of recruitment occurred on April 22 in Hunt Hall, the dormitory building for sororities. During the event, potential new members (PNMs) visited each sorority hall, learned about every organization, and interacted with active sorority members.

During Open Suites, PNMs travel from floor to floor of Hunt Hall, going to eight different sororities. On each hall, the PNMs were greeted by sorority members, who were yelling their respective chants as the PNMs walked down the hall. PNMs were introduced to information about each sorority including its philanthropy and other facts. Recruitment can be a stressful time for both the members of sororities and PNMs, so the process was meant to ease the stress. It also allowed for PNMs to get to know the sororities as a whole, as well as individual members.

“It is an opportunity for the chapter members to practice recruitment logistics, while giving potential new members a sneak peak for what to expect in the fall,” Vice President of Recruitment on the University’s Panhellenic Council Kate Elken ’19 said. Open Suites also assists the Panhellenic Council by giving them a “chance to practice what the first round of recruitment will look like from an administrative perspective.”

The PNMs who attended also found the experience educational and fun, as stated by Amy Yowell ’21.

“During Open Suites I met a lot of wonderful people, and I’m excited for formal recruitment to start in the fall,” Yowell said.  

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