Breaking the Bubble

Kathryn Nicolai, News Co-Editor


During Pope Francis’ trip to Ireland, former archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò released a letter claiming that he told the pope about the sexual misconduct carried out by the archbishop of Washington, Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick, five years ago, and that the pope failed to act and instead helped cover up the misconduct. Within the letter, the former archbishop called for the pope to step down.

Over 300 endangered sea turtles were found dead on Aug. 28 off the southern coast of Mexico in illegal fishing nets.


Former Senator and 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee John McCain died at age 81 on Aug. 25 from a brain tumor that he’d been treating since last year. McCain, a Navy lieutenant commander, honorably survived horrific conditions as a prisoner of war in Vietnam to later become a prominent figure in American politics.

Hurricane Maria’s death toll is released to be 46 times higher than the Puerto Rican government originally estimated in December 2017. The original estimated death toll of 64 was raised to 2,975 on Aug. 28.

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