Public Safety to provide new security service for campus events

Isabel Carden, Contributing Writer

Throughout the school year, the University’s different organizations and clubs host a number of social events for students to attend that require security. These events include fraternity registers, Fall Fest, concerts, sports games and more. Any event that is expected to generate a large crowd on campus is required to hire a security company. Previously, all of these events have used the same security company, R&P Security Co Inc., to help with event management. However, over the summer R&P Security went bankrupt and is no longer in business. This has raised the question of who will now handle the security of these University events, especially fraternity registers.

Chi Phi fraternity President Kevin McFadden ’19 explained some of the difficulties some fraternities experienced when trying to find new security: “Our options were limited as to what we could do to host registers; we need security outside to host registers. Any security company used by the school and fraternities needs to be approved and registered with Public Safety. The only nearby company which the school had previously dealt with years ago was from Harrisburg, which would cost tremendous amounts due to the transportation cost.”

However, Public Safety has plans to fix the issue. Public Safety has now created its own security division of trained officers to provide security at various events on campus.

President of Kappa Delta Rho Jake Rubin ’19 further explained Public Safety’s new role in campus security: “The part of Public Safety designed for registers will operate the same way as the parts designed for sporting events or concerts.”

Public Safety consists of 14 fully-sworn police officers, which is not enough to ensure proper security at the registers. Therefore, Public Safety has decided to hire previous employees from R&P Security to work different events at the University.

Chief of Public Safety Steve Barilar said, “In response to the local private security firm going out of business, we are in the process of developing a pool of security personnel—not police officers—to staff various Bucknell events such as registers.”

Fraternities do supply “brothers on risk” at the door and throughout the house at each register. However, due to the large volume of students at these events, this is not adequate security. Additional personnel is needed to help check student IDs, manage the line, and assist any students in need. Public Safety will officially implement this new branch on campus at Fall Fest on Sept. 14.

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