Introducing the new Bucknell app

Allegra Gold, Contributing Writer

The new Bucknell app is a mobile, user-friendly platform that has created a centralized location for all things University-related, and is a very widely used tool on campus.

What’s new?

This year, the Bucknell app has completely upgraded, including many new and improved features to enhance the user experience. Talk of a new app had been in the works for quite some time, and last spring the idea was proposed. After seeing a variety of demos from other mobile app companies, the committee decided to work in collaboration with the company Modo Labs. While the app company builds the structure and provides support, the committee has ultimate control over the design and content; thus, the app has the ability to tailor the experience specifically to University students, taking into account the feedback that the committee has received.



The new app has some exciting new features. Students are now able to go into the ‘Academics’ tab and view personal information such as course schedule and grades, along with the course catalog, Moodle, and various other academic resources.

“The new academics section on the app makes the experience super convenient and user-friendly. All of the necessary academic info such as grades, course schedule, and the Academic Progress Report are in one place right at your fingertips. It came in handy during add/drop period, because I was able to see which courses were available very quickly,” Christina Sweeney ’19 said.


Weekender section

The new app features a section titled ‘The Weekender’ which is updated each Monday with social events coming up on campus. This feature centralizes many campus events that may go under the radar, or may not reach everyone on campus.

“This section was a great idea. When I was planning what to do with my family on parent’s weekend, I was able to look at the app and see what was going on, like the Christy’s A Capella Concert,” Callie Danforth ’19 said.

“I think this section makes it easier for students to know what’s happening around them, and in turn encourages them to get involved with Bucknell sponsored events,” Lauren Mastoloni ’19 said.


Cool features

The new app allows you to view the menu from all of the University’s on-campus dining locations, as well as track laundry machines for availability, manage campus and dining dollar balances, and check real-time updates on the shuttle schedule, including a map of its route and all the stops it will be making. Additionally, the new app is linked to other useful apps. For instance, students employed on campus use Workday to log their hours, and can now access the Workday page through the Bucknell app.


What’s Next?

As technology advances and students continue to provide feedback, the Bucknell app will continue to change with feedback.

Brent Papson, director of campus activities and programs and partial designer of the app, said, “The app is still a work in progress as we adapt it to student needs. In the near future, we plan to have the Events section updated so you users can find any event on campus, and break into categories, such as event at the Weis Center, Athletic Events, CAP Center Events, etc.”

The committee always welcomes feedback in an effort to always be improving and enhancing the experience to make the app maximally useful for all University students.

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