New Athletic Director Jermaine Truax excited to build on an already strong program

Patrick Dempsey and Brittany Willwerth, Sports Co-Editors

When the members of the University search committee named Jermaine Truax the school’s new Director of Athletics and Recreation this past April, the community immediately realized it was about to gain a true leader with diverse administrative experiences. Truax officially joined the University community on July 1, marking the beginning of a new era for Bison athletics.

Having already established a presence among University student-athletes and non-athletes, Truax’s goal going forward with his new position is very clear. Truax has been seen at multiple home games so far, striving to build relationships with coaches and players, a sentiment truly appreciated by the Bison community. In the first home football game of the year, attendees could find Truax laughing and socializing with members of the Bison student section.

Truax’s calm, cool, and confident demeanor is evident within the first few moments of meeting him. When asked about his initial thoughts on the University community, among his most prominent ideas was the extremely welcoming and friendly nature all of the students and employees.

Although Truax acknowledges that being a student-athlete is not a requirement for being an athletic director, he credits his time as a student-athlete playing football at Edinboro University for fueling his desire to positively impact the realm of Bison athletics.

Among these impacts, Truax aspires to maintain a solid balance between top-level academics and top-level athletic programs. Striving not to succumb to tipping the scale one way or another, Truax is optimistic he can maintain an athletic department that displays success both on and off the field.

Having previously served as the deputy director of athletics at Loyola University Chicago, he reminisced on the power of Loyola Chicago’s basketball team to make an impact beyond the campus. Following the team’s fairy-tale Final Four journey in March, Truax spoke of his impressions.

“People are able to recognize the window of opportunity for the value that athletics can bring to a university,” Truax said.

With an incredibly bright future ahead of him, Truax is motivated and inspired to be a prominent member of the University family. With the entire community supporting him, Bison athletes, students, and fans alike are excited for the future.

“I want to provide a firstclass experience for each and every student-athlete,” Truax said. “It is critical in my role to recognize when to evolve and adapt, and particularly at this school, I can already see tremendous potential.”

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