Walk it! Bike it! Lewisburg

Isabel Carden, Staff Writer

Since 2015, Lewisburg’s Walk it! Bike it! committee has been working to promote walking and biking within Lewisburg and the surrounding area. By informing the community about the many benefits of walking or biking instead of driving, the committee hopes to improve overall road safety in Lewisburg.

Samantha Pearson, executive director of Walk it! Bike it!, explained the group as “a committee of the Lewisburg Neighborhoods Corporation (LNC) that works to encourage and promote walking and biking in the Lewisburg area through advocacy, education, and improvements.”

The organization was established in 2015, after the Lewisburg Borough and East Buffalo Township’s committees, which focused on traffic in the area and other issues surrounding biking or pedestrians, were no longer in operation. Pearson discussed some of the issues within the old committees, as “many of the most vexing problems lay along the boundaries of the jurisdictions which made them hard for the municipalities to address.”   

However, the LNC’s River Town Team still showed an interest in improving connections to the Susquehanna River through further development of transportation options in this area. Thus, the Walk it! Bike it! committee was created.

Today, Walk it! Bike it! works to “assess current conditions, prioritize action items, including both for ourselves and requests to be made of elected officials, hold events in the area related to walking and biking, and educate ourselves and the general public about road safety.”

The group promotes their safety agenda through informational Crosswalk info Cards, which summarize the state crosswalk laws, and their Walk the Walk – Drive the Drive campaign centering on how everyone plays a role in making the roads safer.

The Walk it! Bike it! committee has many upcoming events open to the public such as the Hidden Lewisburg Walking Tour on Nov. 14. The group also has monthly meetings on the first Friday of the month in the Borough Council Chamber at 55 S. 5th Street downtown. Walk it! Bike it! is also on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @OnTheRiverLburg.

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