Seniors’ bucket list


Julie Spierer, Laura Bart, Kendall Ryan, Special Features Editor and Contributing Writers

The University has reached midterm exams, next semester’s class registration begins soon, and the reality of graduation for seniors has begun to settle in. Even though college must come to an end, there are a few things some seniors consider must-dos before they turn their tassels.

Some activities seniors have expressed they would love to complete before leaving Lewisburg include grabbing a kayak from the boathouse near the Gateways and hitting the Susquehanna River with a friend on a beautiful sunny day, or going to the rope swing that is not too far from campus. These items may be found on the bucket lists of many students in the class of 2019; however, some students have very creative ideas about what they would like to achieve at the University before graduation.

Swim in the pool:

Unless you’re on the water polo team, swim team, or participate in Delta Gamma’s Anchor Splash, chances are you probably have never been inside of the Kinney Natatorium. The University has a pool and it’s the most underrated spot on campus; who doesn’t love to decompress with a good splash sesh? Swimming in the pool makes the bucket list because when else are we going to have a nice, big, free pool at our disposal? Also, swimming is a great form of exercise, not to mention excellent bonding with friends.

Camp out on the quad:

This one is cliché but a total bucket list must-have. Someone go get a tent from Walmart and set up shop on the Malesardi Quadrangle. Yes, you get to watch the sunset from the best view on campus, but besides that, who doesn’t love a good campout? Make sure to provide the essentials like snacks and bug spray. A fun bonus activity would be popping out of the tent and screaming “BOO!” at other students walking home from the Bertrand Library.

Tan on the quad:

In addition to camping on the quad, tanning on the quad on a sunny Saturday afternoon is a must-do, pretending it is like a beach. Must-brings are a kiddie pool, beach towels, maybe even some sand, spike ball, beach games, sunscreen, tanning oil—this sounds like a good quad beach day.

Snowball fight:

First snow of the year. Quad. 6 p.m. Be there.

Pizza taste test:

The class of 2019 needs to leave a legacy by deciding once and for all where the origin of the absolute best slice of pizza in Lewisburg is located. This requires one big pizza taste test. That means including all the big names—Pizza Phi, Mancini’s, OIPs, Tonino’s, Larry’s; even Domino’s and Pizza Hut deserve a fair chance. Someone needs to make the final call to help future generations, and it should be us.

Class Susquehanna float:

The sunny weather encourages a trip to the Susquehanna River, but as a cool out-of-class activity for you and your classmates (including your professor). For example, get everyone in your psychology class together to come with their best floats, and go down to the Susquehanna and all float together for a few hours. One person can bring a waterproof speaker and you can all have a great time. All classes should have one float day. It bonds everyone as the class floats the day away.

Although some students have some unique ideas, other students’ bucket list items are pretty straightforward. “As I’m thinking about it, the only thing I’m really trying to do before I graduate is hand in major assignments for classes,” Brian Monaghan ’19 said. Regardless of what it is, all students have some bucket list items for before they head out into the real world.

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