The LC Takeover

A stress-relieving ACE event

Silvia Buonocore, Staff Writer

Activities and Campus Events (ACE) hosted what is known as the LC Takeover in the Elaine Langone Center on Oct. 26. The event had activities such as massages, Mario Kart, game shows, painting, and therapy dogs. There were also mac and cheese bites, chicken nuggets, and bison dip for students to snack on.

President of ACE, Lindsey Gellar ’20 said, “This event is designed as our general member (GM) event, so it is planned largely by the general members of ACE. As the GM event, the general members decided on the activities and food choices through breakout sessions and voting during one of our weekly GM meetings.”

ACE plans various free weekend events throughout the school year for students to enjoy. They have an executive board of eight members and a general board of about 50 members who meet weekly. This particular event targeted student stress, as its goal was to provide stress relief through the relaxing activities and fun foods.

While an event like the LC Takeover may seem like a huge undertaking, Vice President of ACE Katie Arsenault ’20 said, “I found this event fairly easy to plan, as I did not have to do it all on my own. I definitely think collaboration worked really well. I have never planned an event on my own, so I’m not sure how it would have differed.” She also said, “At our other events, the program chairs make most of the primary decisions. For this event I gave [the general members] a series of event ideas, and they decided on a stress-relief event with a game show aspect as well.”

In terms of its success, Gellar said, “The event was executed very smoothly, but we had somewhat of a low turnout.” Arsenault added, “Everyone who played Bison Family Feud loved it. Everyone kept saying how they loved that there were a lot of different things to do.”

ACE bases new events heavily upon student feedback. Any suggestions or ideas are used to plan and execute future events. This allows the members to support student needs and create new opportunities.

There are more ACE events on campus to look out for in the future. Arsenault said, “We have events every weekend that vary from Bingo Blingo to Cake Wars so there is definitely something that interests everyone. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook to stay updated!”

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