Dean Badal and President Bravman address student concerns at A Night with the Presidents

Haley Cooper, Contributing Writer

Hundreds of students and faculty came together in the Weis Center for the Performing Arts on Nov. 11 to hear a question-and-answer session in “A Night with the Presidents.” This panel was conducted by Chandler Houldin ’20, president of Bucknell Student Government (BSG), who pre-selected and asked questions submitted by students. The presented questions were then answered by Dean of Students Amy Badal and University President John Bravman.

Students were encouraged to anonymously submit questions before the event that concerned controversial topics and the current state of the University. After the pre-submitted questions were answered, there was a live Q&A which gave attendees a chance to ask the panel questions directly.

Many of the presented questions discussed current campus events, such as the building of Academic East being prioritized over housing concerns. Other topics that were mentioned included the standing of the University on top college lists, the safety of off-campus housing, and the recent openings in leadership presiding over Greek Life affairs. Both Badal and Bravman answered each question thoroughly and seemed to provide mostly objective and honest answers based on information that they were willing and able to share. There were also some moments of comedic relief, like when a student asked about satirical, student-run social media pages.

“My favorite part was when Dean Badal said Bucknellmemes4amishteens [an anymous Instagram account] should find something better to do with their time,” Lucy Donovan ’21, who is also a member of BSG, said.

However, the questions also addressed many more difficult topics, such as the decline in University retention rates. “I thought it was admirable that Chandler chose controversial and tough questions to ask the panel, as it showed the school cared about addressing certain issues students had with Bucknell,” Amanda Christy ’21 said.

“A Night with the Presidents was a much-needed community event that allowed for many Bucknell students to hear from President Bravman for the first time since convocation freshman year. President Bravman spoke very honestly about the positives and negatives that the University is facing and I felt as though I better understood our University’s goals after it,” Donovan said.

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