An act of inclusion causing lawsuit chaos in the Boy Scouts of America

Megan Lafond, Contributing Writer

Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced that they would be filing an infringement lawsuit against the Boy Scouts of America after the Boy Scouts declared that they wanted to drop the word “Boy” from their title, as girls are now allowed to join their organization. Although the Boy Scouts are attempting to become more inclusive of all genders, the Girl Scouts are trying to stop them.

Girl Scouts of the USA foundation was founded when women still did not have the right to vote, but wanted to give their daughters the preparation to “meet their world with courage, confidence, and character.” Thus, they created a group of their own to counteract the Boy Scouts. The New York Times even reported that, “shortly after [the Girl Scouts] was formed, the group came under fire from a top Boy Scout leader who insisted that it stop describing its members as ‘scouts,’ a term he felt should only apply to boys.” Considering the current state of both groups, the Girl Scouts fought to create their organization in spite of discrimination. Now, as the Boy Scouts attempt to create a new brighter future for their organization, the Girl Scouts are trying to limit who they include.

I believe that this is very hypocritical of the Girl Scouts. As they are empowering young girls to become independent and confident women in society and participate in any and all activities, why should they try to stop girls from embracing new experiences within the realm of the Boy Scouts of America? It takes a strong female to join a majority male organization, and I believe that the Girl Scouts should support those children for being leaders in the forefront of a new movement, just like their founders did when creating the GSUSA almost a century ago. They should be honored that the Boy Scouts removed the gendered segment of their organization’s name, and drop the chaotic lawsuit.

Additionally, the Boy Scouts have allowed the LGBTQ+ community into their organization, as well as all genders, while the Girl Scouts are only allowing young girls and children who “identify as girls.” To put this more simply: the Boys Scouts are allowing girls, but the Girl Scouts are not allowing boys. I don’t understand why the Girl Scouts have now decided to be more exclusive than the ones who excluded them in the past. I firmly believe this lawsuit should have never begun, and the two organizations should have come together to show how if youth organizations can be inclusive, all people can.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. In a Manhattan court, two organizations empowering children of all ages and gender identities are fighting each other over the term “scout.” An act of inclusion should not lead to a lawsuit, yet, here we are in 2018, refusing to come together and continuing to push each other further apart.

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