Changes for University dining: Longer hours and new foods

Silvia Buonocore, News Editor

With the start of the new semester, University Dining Services has instituted new dining hours and food options. For example, the Commons Café now has Sunday dinner hours.

“We engaged members of our Student Dining Committee about the Commons Café, and the topic of Sunday dinner with chopped salads came up. Students seemed really excited about that being a possibility, so we thought we would give it a try,” Director of Retail Operations Kevin McDonnell said.

Dining also expressed that it is most excited about the new stuffed portobello mushroom burger which was created by the Executive Sous Chef as a regular vegan protein option. Additionally, Dining explained its excitement for students to try house-made kimchi which will be available as a special at the Commons as a topping for burgers and loaded fries.

“We are always looking at new and exciting food trends to incorporate into our dining program. We have been especially motivated to come up with more plant-based and vegan options as the demand for more sustainable and healthy options simply continues to grow every year,” McDonnell said. “We also love hearing suggestions from students. If you are ever thinking to yourself ‘I wish the Bison had (enter new favorite dish here) at Spoon and Fork …’ write it on a comment card or submit it electronically in our app, FoodU.”

To be up-to-date on future dining changes, follow Bucknell Dining on social media or download the app, FoodU, which is available in the Google Play Store and on iTunes.

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